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you’re going to miss this

One thing that makes me INSANE, or has in the past especially in the hardest of days, was when people would say, “Enjoy this time because you will miss it!” with a big smile on their face. I have always scowled at them and/or rolled my eyes…

I know they mean well but I always want to scream, “OBVIOUSLY YOUR CHILDREN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT AND DIDN’T NEED HEART SURGERY!!!!!!!”.

I know that everyone has their struggles, but when Rory was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. for months and months (actually years!) and Ryder screamed 12+ hours a day and needed open heart surgery I seriously wanted to punch these people in the face.

I think the whole “enjoy it” thing also really gets to young mothers because it makes us feel guilty and makes us feel like everyone just assumes that we aren’t enjoying it. Usually when that phrase is said its because they see the frazzled moments where the kids aren’t obeying or they are throwing fits or they didn’t sleep the night before. So in those moments, we aren’t enjoying the brattiness of children. Make sense?


Fast forward to today. Things are SO MUCH EASIER. Sure, I have bad days (hello, yesterday! I almost lost my mind!), but overall things are just so much better.

This is when I get a glimpse of “I’m going to miss this one day very soon”. This is when I get what they are saying.

(However, I WILL NOT MISS THE ALL-NIGHTERS! I can promise you that. I won’t miss Ryder screaming in pain for the first 8 months of her life either.)

But the days where we have dance parties in our princess dresses and I get no less than 2849834 kisses and hugs and proclamations from Rory that “you are best mom EVER! you are best friend EVER!”…

Yeah. I’m totally going to miss this.

“Rory ‘Punzel Princess” and “Ryder Belle Princess” in their tower waving at peoples. (In Rory’s words, of course.)


Ryder decided she wanted to be a ham, and also that attacking the camera was fun.




Rory then decided we should take pictures on the bench. And then she promptly decided she was a pirate. My little tomboy.

Ryder stayed in princess mode, though, of course. My little priss.




At the end of the day, you just have to smile at the well-meaning people who tell you to “enjoy” and realize that they are now in a place where they DO miss it because they have forgotten about the long nights and the long days. And one day I will be in their shoes and think the same thing.

Most of all, I know… oh how I know… that I will miss the sound of giggles that are constantly permeating throughout our house at all times.


THAT, my friends, I will surely miss.

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