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You are sports people, I is not.

Our lives have been taken over by all-of-the-sports this past week.

Rory has had soccer, and by the way, SHE IS ROCKING IT. Though, on defense she has more of a flare for the dramatics than a flare for actually getting the ball. But man. On offensive that girl is fierce.

Sunday afternoon Andy went and played golf with some guys from the Sunday School class. That left me to go to soccer games alone with the girls. I survived, barely, in case you were wondering.


Ryder felt the need to run out onto the field and turn around and look at me like, “what? am I doing something wrong here?” before freaking out thinking someone would bring a ball near her and running back to the sideline. She also ate approximately 17 snacks- including bumming one from someone sitting next to us while I was yelling at Rory to stop twirling and GET THE DANG BALL FROM THE OTHER PLAYER BEFORE THEY SCORE.

Not that I am one of THOSE intense soccer moms or anything………..

I call it passion. I’m not intense. I’m passionate.

Yours truly has also gotten back into “the sports” and has joined a softball team.

Last week we played a team that under no circumstance at all would ever swing the bat. When you are playing church league and start off with one ball and one strike already- the odds are in your favor to get walked. So they feed off of that. They literally never swung. It was pretty miserable and, in my opinion, absolutely crappy sportsmanship.

I am extremely competitive and “passionate” but I’m there to play and HAVE FUN. So last night we had another game and we had A STINKING BLAST. We didn’t win. But we PLAYED. Both teams played hard and had so much fun. I’m excited about the season now!

This morning Ryder asked me about the game (it was at 8:30pm so they stayed home) and I told her how it went.

Then she said to me, “You are sports people, I is not.” And I laughed until I almost wet myself because BLESS IT she is so right. She is surrounded by people who enjoy all things sports to the highest level. At least she knows herself and has no qualms about not being “sports people”.

In other news, Rory was sent home with a sheet that told how high she could count unassisted. The answer was 49. She saw me look at it and she said, “Mom, don’t even look at that. That number is unacceptable. I can count over 100 and we know it. I just gotta practice some more.”

And practice she has done. She has counted to 100 all day, every day. In fact, last night she came into my room at 2:53am and whispered, “Mom! Hey mom! I just counted to 129! I can count even higher than 100!” Bless.

I will say this a million times over her life, I am sure of it- Rory is MOTIVATED. I’m telling y’all. I’ve never met anyone as motivated as her and her daddy. She completely 1000000% gets that from Andy. She decided that 49 was unacceptable and immediately started practicing until she beat her own goal. It is just little things like this that make me so proud of her.

Last night at dinner I told Rory to get her hair out of her face so she didn’t get food in it. As you can imagine, this was followed by the most dramatic hair flip OF LIFE. Andy and I got tickled over it.

Then she did it a few more times, because there is nothing more important than getting the perfect hair flip. I’m telling you- she is motivated.

She then says to us, “when I have a boyfriend, I’m going to flip my hair like this and he’s gonna be like WOW. YOU LOOK GOOD.” I nearly spit my food out. Andy and I were in tears from laughing. She has got it all figured out, hasn’t she?

The boxing up of all the things has begun and I have felt this cleaning bug in a huge way. So I’ve been cleaning out filing cabinets, closets, makeup drawers, and pretty much anything I deem NOT ORGANIZED. I’m a woman on a mission. I refuse to move CRAP. Especially because we will be moving ourselves this time. *sob wail sob*

TWENTY MORE DAYS! I’m not going to know what to do with all my time when I have 3 toilets to choose from instead of waiting on a chance to use it. I mean I might even *GASP* get to lock myself in and go alone.


Happy Tuesday!


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