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you are doing a great job

This week has been hard. Tuesday and Wednesday were really hard days trying to get things back in a routine and back into our normal discipline habits. On Tuesday when I picked Rory up from MDO, her eyes were swollen from crying and the teacher said it was her worst day ever. I left and had a total breakdown and we both cried in the WalMart parking lot for about 20 minutes before going in.

But I was persistent and refused to give up on getting us all back to normal life. On Thursday when I picked Rory up her teacher said she’d had the best day ever, not even a single time out.

And then she said what is music to ANY tired momma’s ears – “Whatever you are doing, keep it up. She was a different kid today and YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.”

It totally made my day and gave me the confidence boost I needed to finish out the week.

So, I want to say to ALL of you momma’s reading this blog who are so tired mentally, physically, and emotionally from being a Mom, chauffeur, cook, secretary, disciplinarian, teacher, friend, doctor, and whatever other hat you are wearing- YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. I mean that with everything in me, you are doing a great job. No matter if you lost your patience today, no matter if you fell asleep for a minute on the couch and let the TV babysit for you while you dosed off, no matter if you gave your kids crap to eat today so you wouldn’t have to cook- you are doing wonderfully.

As a celebration to our success and to Rory’s good behavior, we had a fun afternoon yesterday. After school I took her to get a drink at sonic (cherry slush which she LOVED), went to the park, and then I took her to PetCo to look at the animals. She had a blast and so did I and it was so refreshing to be in the sunshine and have some fun after such a tough week.

Enjoying her first slush.

“Watch me, Momma!”

I think this is her “ain’t skeered” face.

Sweet girl.

Picking flowers.

Rest assured, Ryder had a fabulous time too.

This is her excited face. No, I’m not kidding. When she gets so excited, she makes the face and shakes her hands up and down. She is hilarious.

No matter how hard it is, at the end of the day I go to bed exhausted but happy because God entrusted me with these two precious gifts. I’m so thankful for my sweet girls.

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4 thoughts on “you are doing a great job

  1. You are doing a wonderful job! The pictures are so cute! I was a little nervous with the picture of her climbing. But…part of it. Love you all.

  2. You ARE doing a great job! Let me tell you, I KNOW that I wouldn’t have handled the stress you’ve been under as well as you have! You are a fantastic Mommy!

  3. P.S. YOU are doing a.wonderful job raising two little ones! Steve says it’s the hardest job on earth but the most rewarding. Love you and appreciate all you do.

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