Pictures, Rory Eve, These Crazy Dogs

yes, we still have dogs

I feel pretty bad as a mother right now. Before I ever had Rory I was a mom… to two dogs. Two precious dogs.

And I feel guilty for two reasons.

reason #1 to feel guilty: Several people have said things like, “the dogs never make the blog anymore”. Sigh. They so don’t. Bless them.

reason #2 to feel guilty: Jackson keeps making this face at me.

Bless his angelic little heart.

But he came around and smiled at me. He’s my handsome mister.

Every single day Rory is getting more and more interested in the pups. She follows their every move with her eyes. She laughs at them. She tries so desperately to grab them. (Today she succeeded, poor Jackson.) She wants to kiss them all the time.

And the more interested and mobile she gets, the more interested the dogs have become. I got a couple of shots of them “playing” together today.

I was trying to get pictures of her sitting up. She’s sitting up for a second or two before having to support herself now.

But the dogs had other plans. They were tired of not making the blog.

See! She wants to kiss Jersey so bad! Jersey always does. Bad dog.

Jersey is obviously the funniest dog on earth.

She’s also a good lounge buddy.

Jackson hardly ever licks Rory. He just puts his nose as close as possible until she almost grabs him. Then he takes off.

My sweet pups are still my babies. If I’m telling the truth though, it has changed.

(please don’t tell the dogs)

They get on my nerves a little more (Jersey loves to scare the baby with her random barking and Jackson gets so jealous so he tries to get on top of me while I’m holding her). And they don’t get free range of anything and everything in the house anymore. But I still love them so very much. I can’t wait to see what happens when she starts to crawl and walk. I have a feeling she will torment them and they will secretly love it. šŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “yes, we still have dogs

  1. If you look closely at the second picture of Jackson, you can see in the background a picture of him when we first got him.

    Either way, the pictures of Rory and Jackson are cute.

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