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yes, Baby Harris has a name…

Many people have been asking me on facebook and at other times if we have a baby name yet. Well, the answer is yes. I’m hesitant to state the name on facebook because I know three people who have done so and had someone else conveniently have the same name afterwards… I do not want this to happen to me!!!! So, I will just be officially announcing the name on our website for now! 

Rory Eve Harris

Rory is a name I have loved for years and years, and Andy finally agreed to give me my #1 pick of a name. Eve comes from Andy’s grandmother, Evelyn, and of course it also rhymes with Steve as we have been told! 


This past weekend we made a trip to Starkville for the Homecoming game. Unfortunately they disappointed us (again) and lost. We are just praying that by the time Rory goes to school there (she better!!! haha) they will have a great team! Of course we still love our Dawgs and will continue to at least try and make it to one game a year. So we had to go to The Lodge in Starkville and get Rory her first MS State dress for next year! We also got her a MS State pacifier and pacifier clip. Here is a picture of the dress:


My sweet friend Emily also put together a last minute baby shower and I am so thankful. We got two burp cloths, towels and washcloth set, a swaddle blanket, a sweet thermal outfit, and three other cute outfits. Emily has two girls (Riley and Olivia who are absolutely adorable!) and she just had her last child, a boy. Lucky for us Emily has passed on some of the girls’ clothes! Here is a picture of all we got this weekend- the front row and outfits in the back are from shower, the stacks of clothes are the ones Emily gave me that the girls have out grown. Also, Olivia and Riley picked out Rory a gift- her first baby doll! She’s in the picture too!


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  1. This is so exciting! I think that Rory Eve is a beautiful name.How great and thoughtful of Emily to have a baby shower for you. It looks like you got alot of cute and useful stuff. You are going to make great parents.

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