Ryder Amelia

“Yep, got played by a 4 year old.”

Since Rory’s school is starting later than normal the first week and she actually had the day off today for staggered enrollment, Andy took Ryder to school yesterday.

Mainly because Rory was still asleep at 7:20 which was shocking enough but then she ended up sleeping until 8:37. DID YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY?! YES YOU DID. I’m telling you. It is a miracle.

At 8:10 I got a text from Andy that read, “Ryder won’t let go of me and is screaming that she wants to go home.”

I immediately called him and told him to throw her at a teacher and run. He then says he feels bad. I then say get over it. My love language is not mercy sometimes.

He called me back to tell me that she screamed and kicked and that he sat down with her for TWENTY MINUTES to try and calm her down.

I was secretly giggling on the other end because I knew what was happening here.

Just to be sure, I sent a text to her teacher to ask how Ryder was.

Here is the conversation we had:


I don’t think I stopped laughing for a good thirty minutes. “Yep got played by a four year old,” will be my favorite saying from now on.

Poor Andy. He just didn’t know how to be swift and efficient at the drop off. I mean, I basically open the door kick her forward and run outta there.

Kidding! I give her a hug before kicking her in the school. I’m not a savage, gah.

This just goes to prove that daddies are truly suckers when it comes to their little girls.

And that moms who are desperate for the tiny amount of time alone while their 4 year olds are at school  are vicious creatures who need coffee and quiet.



All kidding aside, it has been a hard week for my Ryder. Monday after school I had to take her to get her blood drawn. If you’ve been reading here a while you know just how big of a task this is. It took 45 minutes to get the amount of blood needed because her blood doesn’t flow well. (I liken it to pouring the last drop of syrup or molasses out of the container.)IMG_4066

Ryder has had some pretty bad thyroid numbers for a year now. She didn’t gain any weight this year and has such terrible spells of drowsiness and feeling lethargic and her hair hasn’t grown much either. So HOPEFULLY this was the last blood draw for a while and it will give us the answers we need to start her on some meds and lifestyle changes to help with the issue.

Holding her down for 45 minutes while she sobbed was incredibly hard for me. It is torture to both of us. I told the doctor that he would need to do everything he could this time because we weren’t doing that again for a while. She’s had a lot of blood work done over this last year and it is now to the point where we need a break. 45 minutes is an eternity to a kid. And though you all know I try my hardest to be positive and encouraging- sometimes I just can’t be. It sucked so bad. The worst part to me was that the nurses (and I always LOVE nurses and think they are the greatest people on the planet) had the nerve to yell at her and at me because they were having a hard time getting the blood. As if we wanted to make it take longer.

We walked out, both sobbing and clinging to each other, and Ryder looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes filled with tears and said, “Momma, please please don’t make me do that again.”

Ugh, I just started crying again just thinking about it.

Today we dropped Rory off for her first day at Kindergarten with her whole class. She will go every day now and is so excited. Ryder, on the other hand, realized that Rory would be away all day and she had a breakdown. I failed to talk about it more with her and I feel terrible about it. She had to be pried off of Rory finger by finger and it was the sweetest, saddest thing I’ve ever seen. They truly are the very best of friends.



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2 thoughts on ““Yep, got played by a 4 year old.”

  1. Ugh, reading about Ryder having to get blood drawn made me tear up. That sounds awful. I’ve had to get a lot of bloodwork the past few years, and I don’t have great veins, so I’ve had some bad experiences too. I hate that the nurses weren’t kinder. I can’t imagine having to hold my girl for that long while she’s in pain. I hope you get the answers/solutions she needs without having to do that again!

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