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wordy wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. Don’t worry, there will be pictures too.

1. Oh. My. Goodness. Teething is no joke. Who knew my sweet little girl could be so SO so incredibly grumpy?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Andy has been referring affectionately to the Infant’s Tylenol as “candy”. I always heard people complaining about their babies/children teething but had no idea it was really this bad. Whew.

2. Andy had a great birthday (so he tells me!). I surprised him with an Invicta watch that he told me he really liked. But since I had already gotten the gun, he didn’t know I’d be getting him another gift! Score!

3. And if you read The Man Life, you know that Andy had mentioned getting me a Coach purse to make up for all his purchases on hunting (he truly knows the way to my heart)… well, instead he got me – drumroll please….

A new camera-  Canon EOS Rebel T1i . Again, he truly knows the way to my heart. It was such a surprise… I’ve been giddy all day!

4. Enough talking! Let me share some pictures from my new camera that I took this morning!

I have never gotten a good/decent picture of Jersey until now.

And never a bad picture of Jackson… until now. ha!

Of course, you were wanting to see pictures of the cute baby, not the cute dogs.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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9 thoughts on “wordy wednesday

  1. Love the new camera! That is a great picture of Jersey but nothing compares to baby girl. I think you’re telling fibs about her being grumpy.

  2. After 30 years I never knew that trick of Steve getting me a gift on his birthday! Looks like a great watch I know Andy will enjoy it and I the cute pictures of Rory show how great the camera must be.

  3. Love the watch, love the camera. Goodness she does look like Mommie Davis!! And in her words, “You ittle seet sang in world”

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