These Crazy Dogs, Wordless Wednesday

Wordless-ish Wednesday

Okay so I can’t post this picture without telling the traumatic story so that all of you can feel sorry for me.

It was a cold, dreary morning in September…. (ok, I lied. Its hot and sunny, but its more dramatic the first way.) Jackson had been outside all morning without coming and scratching on the window/door to be let in. I knew something was going on out in the backyard and I had a feeling what had happened. I was right. Jackson had caught his 12894th squirrel. (Probably his 5th to be exact). He’s running around the yard with it in his mouth filled with utter joy and pride. Well, I realize that the noise I thought was Jackson’s delight is actually the squirrel squeaking/squealing/shrieking. It was not yet dead. Paralyzed, broken, dying, but not yet dead. So Jackson drops it at my feet (for me to throw it, of course) and it starts writhing around. I almost peed myself out of fright, by the way. I realize I have to do something about this because Jackson cannot play with a squirrel/eat the squirrel.

So. I had to kill it. With a shovel. It was awful. Awful!

Then I had to get it on the shovel- while Jackson is freaking out and barking at me for taking his new toy- and get rid of it. So since we have a ditch area behind our fence between our yard and the neighbor’s yard, I decided it was logical to throw it over the fence into the ditch. But… I overshot and am 99.999999% sure its now in the neighbor’s yard. Sorry about that dear neighbor I have never met. Truly, I am.

So, who feels sorry for me?! Anyone?!

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13 thoughts on “Wordless-ish Wednesday

  1. I feel your pain. When we first got our cat, I was arising to an array of different “critters” almost every morning. I have never had a cat so I had NO IDEA they are such hunters! If he didn’t bring them into the house (we have a pet door), he would leave them on the outside rug at the door. I freaked out! My husband said he wanted praise for doing this, so I would tell him what a good boy he was (through clenched teeth). The last straw was when he brought in a chipmunk, which was still very much alive. Yes, you guessed it, the chipmunk got away. It took us six hours to finally track that bad boy down and get him out the door. It was hilarous! I was jumping all over the furniture! I just KNEW that thing was going to run up my leg! Simon hasn’t attempted any more chipmunks and has really slowed down on his hunting days. His last “kill” was a mouse, which he brought in while we were gone out. He left it in his food bowl (he usually ate them in front of me) so we would not miss his feat!

  2. Oh. My. Word. That is awful and hilarious at the same time! Paul and I both just sat here cracking up at this. Really I am sorry for you but I am thankful you posted such an entertaining post for us to read while we’re waiting at the airport. 🙂 Also, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with your use of the shovel… I don’t know if I could have done it.

  3. Next time put it in the trash barrell. That’s what I always did. Sammy never eats his prey, he just chews off their head and leaves them in the floor or by the door. My old cat would bring his trophies in and push them under a rug and scream till I came to see what he had then he would pull them out and let them run till he caught them again sometimes throwing them in the air. Now you know how much I love mice!! So that was the worse thing for me since M & S’s hamster got loose under my bed. UGH!!!

    But……poor Jackson, he looked so proud and he worked so hard.

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