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winter long pajama party

Well, its winter.

I used to love winter back in the day when I didn’t have kids.

Winter with kids is just wrong on every level.

So for now, we are holed up for winter as much as possible. I don’t want to take Ryder amongst the nasties that bring their flu viruses and the like into public places. And I don’t want to take her out into the cold much either. After all we’ve been through, the last thing I want is for girlfriend to get the RSV or something.

So we’ve been having pajama parties every single day. In fact, more days than not the girls stay in their same pjs all day until they get fresh ones on at night. Reason #1- I see no point in dirtying more clothes just to be at home, Reason #2- if I change Rory into clothes then she automatically thinks we are going somewhere and YOU come try to convince her otherwise, and Reason #3- what’s better than a winter long pajama party?!!!!!

PS- Don’t just stop by the house unannounced unless you are prepared to see us looking a big mess up in here. Consider yourself warned.

Rory loves the PJ parties though. She feels comfy all day and besides, PJ’s are the easiest thing to take off. Yes, that’s right. She’s still stripping. Its gotten so bad that I’m seriously considering either just biting the bullet and all out potty training her on Christmas break or duct taping her clothes on.

Because, folks, it is NOT MY IDEA OF FUN to run around chasing her butt naked self. And its NOT MY IDEA OF FUN to discover puddles wherever in the house because she decided she’d rather live in a nudist colony. She has to “I potty Mommy” no less than 7854653 times a day.

But at least she’s cute. (I feel like I have to say that a lot with this kid. ha!)

and I’m pretty sure Jacks and Landon taught her a lovely little trick of showing her food…

You are welcome for that.

This past weekend Andy’s parents came up to have Christmas and watch the girls while we took a little overnight trip to Dallas.

Rory loved opening presents. Her favorite things she got were her toothbrush and Tangled doll. Is anyone surprised by either?!

We had an awesome time in Dallas just SLEEPING and eating without kids crying and begging us for “bite! bite!”. We are so thankful we have parents that will do that for us. And I’m thinking we should make this a monthly thing?! haha!

Happy Wednesday!

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