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wild child

I found the world’s most appropriate shirt for Rory this past weekend.

Wild child…

That she is.

this is her “but what are you talking about? I’m so innocent and calm!” face…

or actually its her “maybe she’ll think its cute if I climb the fireplace since she’s taking pictures” face.

As I’ve recently told you, Jackson has a new found adoration for Rory. He thinks that she is just the most wonderful human being on earth next to me. She gives him all the love he needs and wants, plays with him, and even shares her food. They are a match made in heaven.

The following pictures are a common exchange between the two of them.

Rory grabs his face with all her little might and says “ohhh” before going in for a big ole kiss.

She then sits and pats her lap so that he’ll get in it. He turns himself around and gets comfy.

She then says “ohhhhhh” again and goes in for another kiss on his back.

To which he replies with…

a big wet one straight to the face!

I love watching these two love on eachother and wrestle with eachother and become the best of friends.


So yesterday Rory woke up from her nap in a terrific mood.

“Okay, Mom, enough! I’m hungry!”

So we ate a little lunch…

And then went outside to play!

She tries to climb up the slide all the time now. She will climb like three steps at most and then go down backwards on her belly.

She always says “weeeeeeeeeee” when she does it. Its so cute!


Rory has become extremely attached to me this week. Gone is the child who blew kisses and didn’t care when I left or stayed. She SCREAMED when I left her at school this morning. She SCREAMED everytime I laid her down in her bed last night. She SCREAMS every time I leave the room she’s in.

And now I want to scream.

I love her so dearly and am so flattered that she is a momma’s girl all of a sudden…

but momma is tired.

So. very. tired.

I’ve taken to weeping at the drop of a hat.

I wept yesterday afternoon for about an hour.

I wept this morning after dropping her off from the church parking lot to the house.

In fact, I’m thinking about weeping now!

Pregnancy hormones + zero sleep = weeping.

Just in case you needed to know the scientific/mathematical formula for weeping.

And now I will go nap.




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