Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

who needs a whole house? one room is enough!

Who’s excited around here?!

Well we had a fantastic weekend. I live for the weekends. Andy being off and all of us spending time together as a little family is just the best. Rory loves the weekends too. She gets spoiled by her sweet Daddy.

Friday night we went out to eat with our friends Josh and Carly and John and Sharon. Rory wanted to wear her new outfit Mrs. Margaret gave her last weekend.

I’d say she looked pretty cute, but maybe I’m biased? Nah. She definitely looked cute.

We are still without air. It reached about 100 degrees this weekend. So we have been holed up in our bedroom after buying an air window unit on Saturday. We had everything we needed though.

TV. PS3. Wii. What more could we need? I mean really- who needs a whole house? One room is enough! 🙂

We piled in the bed and watched Alice in Wonderland. Rory wasn’t enjoying it AT ALL.

Rory is staying with us in our room as well because her room is the hottest in the house and as I’ve said before the child DOES NOT do heat well at all.

Hey! Big news, y’all! Rory slept through the night. No, its so much more than that. I put her in her pack-n-play at nine o’clock because she was acting sleepy. 10 minutes later she was asleep. She put herself to sleep!

And she slept for ELEVEN HOURS!!!!!! ELEVEN!!!! 9 to 8. Oh my word it was such sweet, wonderful bliss!

And today she was happy. Happier than she’s been in weeks. Please Lord, let this be a new schedule! She took a 3 1/2 hour nap today and then was awake from 3:30 to 9. It has been such a good day.

Did I mention she put herself to sleep tonight too?

Maybe its not conventional, but she fell asleep like this at about 9:15 and I moved her into her bed and she didn’t budge.

What a sweet baby girl.

Our 6th anniversary was one of the bests! We spent so much time together as a family and what more could you want than that?!

Andy grilled out kabobs on Saturday night and let me tell you- they were GOOD! My husband definitely knows how to grill!

We even ate dinner in our room, ha!

Now I’m going to enjoy the last few days of my early 20’s. Sigh.

Have a wonderful week!

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4 thoughts on “who needs a whole house? one room is enough!

  1. Yeah…leaving those early 20s must be rough. 😉

    Rory looks adorable. Yall are living like Pennsylvanians now–just a window air conditioner in one bedroom! Hope your air is fixed soon. ~Kristen

  2. I know you thought it was the heat but really I think that she was missing her Aunt Nita!! Andy those kabobs looked wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Every picture I see of Rory looks sweeter than the last one. Glad you have temorary “fix” for A.C. Andy needs to send Steve some grilling tips, that kabob sure looks good.

  4. Next time you three come home Andy is cooking!! I just wanted to pick up Rory and hold her she looks so sweet falling asleep. Hey! What is happening on June 9th, I can’t remember but there is something.

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