Rory Eve

“where’s daddy?”

Its Wednesday!

Do you know what this means?!

It means that Andy is finally coming home after a TWO WEEK business trip!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!

I’m hoping to keep Rory up so that she can be reunited with her Daddy tonight. She has said “Dadd-Y” nonstop since he’s been gone. And several times she’s heard something and got all excited thinking he’d walk through the door. Its been just pitiful.

This is an example of what she looks like when saying “Dadd-YYYY” and throwing her hands up like “where is he??”:

this is another good example…

So this weather is beautiful. I can’t get enough of it! We have spent 2 hours minimum outside each day. Its been just wonderful to get out of the house!

I love watching Rory discover new things and run around.

She is just such a sweetheart…


Ready for the Stinker Update for the day?!

Here it goes!

STINKER climbed OUT OF HER CRIB today.

She was taking a nap and I heard her wake up because she was talking to her animals like normal.

Then I heard her grunting which I assumed was her doing her business. So since she wasn’t crying at all I figured I’d let her finish and then I’d go get her.

All of a sudden I hear her get REALLY loud on the monitor and I knew something must be up. Plus she was doing her evil giggle.

So I open the door and she’s holding the other side of the monitor and giggling from sheer pride.


She wasn’t hurt at all but somehow I see lots of ER visits in my future.

Stinker update #2:

As I am blogging she is absolutely determined that she is going to get to me in the office…

Sorry they are blurry but she is clearly climbing the baby gate trying to get to me.


Have I mentioned that I am so ready for Andy to be home?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should go now because soon she will throw herself over the gate.

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