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where is my mind?!

Y’all. Its crazy around here. I have literally lost my mind. I swear I can’t think straight… like ever… anymore. I thought pregnancy/newborn brain was bad after Rory, ha! After Ryder I have just lost it.

So about a year late- the winner of the fall wreath is Kayla C! Kayla is a sweet friend of mine here in TX. Congrats, Kayla! I will get it to you soon!


So, since I am quite forgetful these days I wanted to write down some “Rory-isms”. All of a sudden her speech has just taken off. She’s so sweet and makes us laugh at the things she says and how she says them. My goal this next weekend is to get some video of it.

She says so many words, I can’t even count. some of our favorites because of the way she says them are: paci, Jacks (for Jackson), Jers (for Jersey), side (for outside), shoes, sisser (for sister), blankie, church, friends, Melmo (for Elmo), etc.

Lately, though, she’s been putting together little sentences. Some of our favorites are: go ‘side (go outside), go church, I poop!, I not cry, be cuuuurful (be careful), my friends, get paci, get blankie, etc. The phrase she says the very most though is “quiet Jers” (quiet Jersey). Its hilarious!

Its crazy how its literally been overnight that she is so big. Today Ryder woke up and was crying for a bottle. I went into the kitchen to fix it and came back to find Rory giving Ryder her pacifier and saying “shhhh sisser, k”. It was so funny and sweet.

Rory’s other new thing is quiet stinker-ish. Anyone surprised by this?

I was changing Ryder’s diaper and Rory decided to help herself to some food out of the fridge.

And when I was changing a diaper another time, I came into the kitchen to find her helping herself to leftover cinnamon rolls from breakfast. No idea how she got up there, but it was not surprising to me.

A lot of people have asked recently how I don’t have a heart attack every day. I tell them a) she’s been a stinker since about 6 months and b) prozac. HA! Only kidding…… (or am I????)


I had asked you all to pray a week or so ago for my friends Emily and William. Their dad, Rhea Dabney, passed away this morning. I know how much they would appreciate your prayers. Thank you!


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4 thoughts on “where is my mind?!

  1. After all you’ve been through, I think your temporary loss of mind is allowed. I really enjoy keeping up with your family through this blog – I don’t really remember if Andy was such a “stinker” when he was little (’cause we met him when he was already in elementary school), but I do believe Rory may take a little after her Uncle Austin? 😉 Glad Ryder is doing so wonderful, and praising God for His hand in her life.

  2. Yay! I had forgotten about it, too! My pregnancy brain has NOT gotten better. Three years later…. :(.

    I loved that time when Em started “really” talking! Oh, and Em climbed up and got a Sharpie that I had put on TOP of the fridge to keep it away from her. Didn’t even know she’d done it until I saw her with the marker! These kids are magicians!

  3. I think every “mom” can relate to this entry! In response to Lorri, I remember Andy getting an “N” in conduct in kindergarden for touching the wall when he walked down hallway but thats the last thing I remember him doing wrong!LOL

  4. Oh my!!! That looks JUST like Baylee. Baylee gets into the frig, climps on the counter, and she has just discovered the water dipenser on the frig. At any given time she has a cup of water and water all over the floor. We need to make sure we keep them apart. No telling what they would get into together! LOL

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