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Y’all, I am in a blogging rut. Or maybe a life rut? I’m just so tired all the time. Maybe because both children get up constantly through the night? Maybe because Rory is so much fun but I’m exhausted by the end of the day? Probably both.

I even forgot Rory’s 21 month post and have yet to take pictures of her. I tried today and it DID NOT go so well. I never even took a picture because she kept running off. So, Happy 21 months Rory! I love you even if you are a little butt. (Again, I say this with all the love in my heart.)

Apparently, she is way too cool to take pictures these days.

Its hard to believe that this time last year I found out I was pregnant with Ryder. Where is the time going? Rory needs to SLOW DOWN on the growing up thing.

I promise to get some cute pictures at some point this week of the two stinkers.

Update on Ryder: For now (I say this with much caution), Ryder is eating wonderfully. The soy formula seems to have worked magic on our lives. She has been downing her bottles without all the screaming for two days. Praise the Lord!!!!

(I guess when I had a stern talk with her about her behavior problems she listened. It probably has nothing to do with the soy milk.)

She seems to be chubbier to me too! What do you think?

Okay! Off to enjoy the few seconds of silence before the girls wake up from their naps!


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