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what to blog about?

So, I have found recently, that I’m having a hard time knowing where to go with this blog. Since we now live close to family, the original purpose was to keep everyone updated and post a lot of pics of the kids since no one ever saw them.

Now that we are back and seeing the family on a more regular basis, it is hard to decide how to handle the blog. Do I keep it going and pretend everyone wants lots of silly updates? Do I write more passionately about things that really matter? I am just having a hard time deciding which direction to go here.

In the meantime, I will tell you what we have been up to and keep on with things as per usual. Which mostly consists of me and the girls hanging out at the house in our PJs all day with the occasional spicy trip to the WalMarts. Hold on to your pants, y’all, it gets crazy around here!

Last week, after my children became famous, Andy and I dropped the kids at my parents’ house and heading to Texas for the fastest ever weekend. We had to go get the rest of our stuff (Christmas tree,etc) and get the house ready to hopefully rent out. We basically spent half a day in Texas and the rest of the time on the road. It was exhausting but a very very fun weekend. Saturday we met our SS class at lunch and had the best time laughing and catching up together. After that, Andy went to a movie while I went to Paris Coffee to meet some friends. I seriously had THE BEST TIME. It was so nice to be able to catch up over coffee with some of my favorite people ever. After that, we had a girl’s night out and y’all…. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. Highlight was the mustaches Kayla and I wore, for sure.

Since then, we’ve been having an insanely busy week. Andy worked over 20 hours Wednesday alone and late nights every other day. So being a single mom was fun, or not, and Andy was exhausted too. Luckily, we now have family near so I called reinforcements (aka Andy’s parents) and we took a big honking nap yesterday while the kids played at their grandparents’ house.

And PS- The kids, thanks to little to no naps and lots of fun, have slept all night (as in not a peep from them 8-6) the past two nights. Hal.le.lujah.

This morning Rory came busting through the door and said, “Goooooood mornin’ ever’body!” and then we snuggled in the bed and giggled and it was a precious time.

We have had the most gorgeous fall I can ever remember, I think. And we have the biggest, most beautiful tree right in our front yard. I love looking at it, and the kids LOVE running through the leaves. Its a win-win, if you ask me.

This picture cracks me up because it sums up Ryder perfectly: spunky. She walks everywhere with purpose. She stalks. But at the same time she is prissy and has swagger.

My girls. Precious, stinkerish, and a WHOLE lot of cute.

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