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what moms really want for mother’s day

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about gift ideas. I used to be THE BEST gift giver and then I had kids and forgot every holiday/birthday/etc until the last minute and now I’m so generic it hurts.

Usually I don’t drop many hints as to what I want for any sort of holiday to Andy, but this year I decided to start sending him links and ideas. Because I’ve become a smart woman.

How are they supposed to just KNOW what we want if we don’t tell them? And if we have to tell them to pick up the medicine at CVS 213029323 times then why do we say, “oh I love this Michael Kors bag!” and expect them to just go get it? I mean, sure there are men who do this for their wives but I want to call them aliens of the earth. Because that just isn’t realistic. If I said that to Andy it would sound like “WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH” off Charlie Brown. Michael Kors means nothing to him.

I also have realized I really don’t (for the most part) want anything practical for my gifts. Now, don’t get me wrong (Andy cover your eyes)- I needed and wanted a new hard drive for Christmas but that wasn’t exactly what I expected, ya know? I am not a brat either, let us be clear. I say thank you and love every gift. I just love some more than others.

So I’ve compiled a list of things that I think MOST, if not all, moms would LOVE for Mother’s Day- or any holiday for that matter:

1- Spa day. Massage, mani/pedi, brow wax, blowout-  you name it we want it. I’ve already talked to y’all about how I can barely get more than half a leg shaved before some kind of disaster takes place. So to get treated to a day of pampering would be A DREAM.

2- Gift card to favorite coffee shop, lunch spot, local boutique, make up store (Ulta, Sephora) ,etc. I know people say gift cards have no meaning behind them BUT let me show you a different side to the gift card (this is for the ladies and men to read).


The gift card gets a bad rap. The way I see it, you give me a gift card to one of my favorite and frequent places and I’ll love you forever.

In Texas I got coffee almost every day from Paris Coffee. Sometimes Andy would have to simmer me down with a “it isn’t in the budget” talk because I would go overboard on my Mexican Mochas. But man, if he would’ve given me a gift card to there so I had GUILT FREE DRINKING, that would have been amazing!

So, get the gift card. Because any kind of way to shop and spend money GUILT FREE because you gave us a gift card is AMAZING in my book.

(Side note: this is different than handing out cash. If you hand me cash I’m going to spend it on you or the kids, not myself. SO JUST SAY NO TO CASH AS A GIFT!)

3- A day to myself. What I mean by this is, take the kids and go somewhere for the day and let me have the house to myself or the day to shop or go eat with friends or to take a nap. What a fabulous idea! It cost pretty much nothing! Sometimes I long to just sit in my beautiful living room and bask in silence. Just for a few hours. I mean, we would miss the sounds of the kids if we were there for too long without them. But for an afternoon? That would be DELIGHTFUL.

4- Wine. And a bath. Alone.

You know how much at the end of a long day of work then playing with the kids and feeding everyone and then bathing little people and getting them ready for bed (which is like a full day’s work right there) that I would LOVE to just have one small glass of wine while soaking in a hot bubble bath? Alone. With no one staring at me and asking me 1209323 questions about life or touching me or hurrying me. OH IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS.

5- That Michael Kors bag. You knew I had to do it. SWOON. I, personally, am not a fan of the purses with MK all over it but you really can’t go wrong with the gift of MK. Here are my two faves right now:


I could also go for this Kate Spade bag. Could it be more precious for summer?!

6- Date night. Any woman would absolutely love a date night that YOU set up all by yourself. You hire the babysitter, you make reservations, you gush over how pretty she looks because she actually got ready for a night out with you. You let her order whatever she wants and insist on dessert. THAT would be the most wonderful Mother’s Day (or any holiday) gift.

7- A card. Write a letter or card telling the mother of your child how thankful you are for her. Telling her how much you appreciate ALL OF THE JOBS she takes on as a mother and wife. Make her feel loved with your written words so she can keep it and treasure it. This is one of my most favorite gifts to ever get.

8- Help the kids make a card. Nothing is better than a handmade card from your kids. Especially if the dad encourages it and wants them to express how thankful they are and should be because of all of the things a mom does for her children.

9- Set aside a family day. I’ve mentioned this before but I love to get my family and go somewhere. Andy does not enjoy this so much. But if he came to me and said, “Hey lets take the girls to the zoo Saturday” I would probably burst into tears of joy because he KNOWS how much I love these sorts of things together.


HOTEL STAY.1902964_10101117449414476_1616092002414342685_nThe best gift Andy has ever given me is a night away. When we lived in Texas and we had no help and ABSOLUTELY ZERO SLEEP (and I do mean ZERO) Andy booked me a hotel and I got to go have a girls night with my friends and then I went back to the hotel and SLEPT FOR 16 HOURS. No joke. SIXTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT.

There is NOTHING on earth that could top this gift to a mom of young children. I mean it. NOTHING. When you have kids and get little to no sleep, Momma gets WORN DOWN. It benefits EVERYONE in the entire family for her to get some much needed and deserved sleep. I remember when Andy surprised me with this I literally sobbed. I couldn’t even breathe from excitement.


And let me just say this, men: If you give any/all of these things I promise you will enjoy life more. We are more willing to show you love if you show it to us by ways of time alone, a spa day to make ourselves feel more attractive, A NIGHT OF SLEEP…. I promise you won’t regret it!

What would you add to this list moms? We need to start just telling them and making a list of ideas for them. You can’t get mad at your husband for his lack of good gifts if you aren’t willing to lead him in the way he should go!


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