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what is this blog about, anyway?

I read today’s prompt over at Jenna‘s blog challenge and had to giggle a bit.

Because today I am supposed to tell you what this blog is about, and quite frankly, I have no idea.

I kid! I totally know what it’s about!

It is about this crazy lady who started a blog as a way to a) keep family and friends all over the U.S. up to date with our lives and b) let everyone in on the fact that she is, indeed, crazy.

But, hello! Have you met my kids?! THEY are the ones making me crazy!!!!

If I say it once, I will say it again, its a good thing they’re cute!

Back to the point.

This blog is just about every day life in the Harris house. Its the good, the bad, the crazy, the really really crazy, the sad, the fun times, the hard times. This year was full of the hard times but now it is full of good times.

I feel like I am morphing, therefore this blog is, into a time of celebration. We have overcome so much and it is time to celebrate, y’all! God has been SO GOOD to us this year (understatement of the century) even through those toughest days and I just want to stand up and shout about how amazing He is!

I feel like, especially through everything we have been through with Ryder and the readers I have acquired through this experience, God has given me a platform through this blog to bless others and to publicly praise Him.

Because we have been through those tough times we can truly be a tool to show God’s love and grace through it all. To show that all people, even those who serve Him… ESPECIALLY those who serve Him… go through times of heartache and fear.

But BECAUSE of Him we can be strong and courageous as he commanded so many times in the book of Joshua so that we can show others that they don’t have to be alone in their darkest days. They can have hope, rest, and peace through Jesus Christ.

My blog isn’t sermon after sermon, its just real. The good, bad, and the ugly of life. I have high highs and low lows just like everyone else. I have kids who refuse to listen and a hard working husband who isn’t home a lot. I can’t seem to take a normal shower and I constantly have crap all over me. I have constant struggles and I fail all.the.time.

But I’m also working on it all the time.

(I linked a bunch of old posts above so you could get a glimpse into my blog!)

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5 thoughts on “what is this blog about, anyway?

  1. Love it! Keep it coming, especially pics of those sweet girls!! I am so glad I will still be able to keep up with your good, bad and crazy days. I will miss you all dearly!!

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