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what a week

As you all know, Rory had her first sickness starting last weekend. Well on Wednesday she started having bad diapers and Wednesday night she threw up a couple of times. This morning she woke up at 5 covered in … well you get it. I knew something must be going on because she also broke out into a rash. So I took her back to the doctor this morning and they said that she is having some sort of minor allergic reaction and the vomiting/diarrhea was normal side effect of the antibiotic. She is fine with just bottle/pedialyte, but if I give her baby food she throws it up. It has been so much fun, y’all! ha.

So that sums up our week. Its been hard, but I still feel so blessed everytime I look at her.

I bought Rory some clothes online at Old Navy and they came in today. So of course since she was feeling better, I had a little photo session with her new stylin’ clothes for fall.

Riding boots, skinny jeans, and ruffled button down… I believe she’s MUCH more stylish than I’ll ever be.

Sometimes she’s a little devilish, I’ll be honest with y’all…

but mostly she’s sweet as pie.

The best thing about her new shoes?! Chew toy.

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