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we’re not married.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great week. We spent some time at my aunt and uncle’s house in Alabama. Rory and Ryder had THE BEST time getting spoiled by all their cousins and aunts and uncles. They played outside non-stop and Rory felt like such a big girl getting to play with her older cousins without Mommy being right there.

On Thursday night we decided to stop at Selmer on our way to Jackson to do the 8:00 sales at Walmart. It was so calm and organized and I’m thinking this will be our new tradition.

Although, I did end up by the DVDs and got TRAPPED amongst the Honey Boo Boo’s of TN. Seriously. They for real, not even lying had a farting contest. And the mom had bra straps the hung down past her elbows. And the kid let gas out of every end.

And I was trapped right there with them.

It definitely tested my faith in humanity.

I tried and tried to get a really good picture of the girls in their turkey shirts but they thought it’d be much more fun to just try and ruin it. Little butts. Rory was more cooperative than Ryder – I know, shocking! Ryder just kept running away and yelling and laughing.


Speaking of turds…

Y’all. Potty training is seriously going to be the death of me.

It’s currently 7:23 and we’ve been up for 2 hours.

Rory has not gone potty once.

And has sobbed for an hour straight.

She sees the M&Ms, we made a huge chart, she knows she gets a Leap Pad if she potties and fills up the chart.



She wants NOTHING to do with any of it.




Maybe I should be asking another question.

Why wouldn’t it be?! Everything else (sleep, eating, etc) is a struggle with Rory. She is as strong willed as it comes. She is so fun and funny and wonderful, but she is HARD CORE about doing things her way and in her own time.

Anyone else have this problem?

Let’s all just give a big ol’ SIGH right now.


I’ve been quoting, “I will choose joy today.”, nonstop. But already I’ve broken down to tears myself because of all the weeping and gnashing of teeth that has come out of that bathroom this morning.


Choosing joy…


In other stinker news, Rory has come up with an interesting idea as of yesterday.

On the way to church she randomly said, “Mom, Dad, you not married.”


So I start asking her why she said that and telling her that yes we are married…

then she starts yelling, “NO! Not married! Mom, Dad not married… EVER!”.


So I decided to just ignore it so she’d stop saying it because rationalizing with a two year old isn’t always an option.

They go to nursery at church and when I picked them up the lady says, “Rory has been telling us y’all aren’t married.”


Here we are new at this church and the child is telling people we aren’t marri ed.

Lovely, no?


It is now 9:15, which means I’ve officially been kinda sorta writing this post for two hours, but I have breaking news!

The combination of M&M’s, Princess stickers, letting her wear her underwear backwards, and lots of cheering has apparently FINALLY worked!

Two solid hours of sobbing and battling the wills took place before the first success but after that we haven’t had a single accident and she is taking the initiative to go when she needs to.

Win for Mommy!

I will be honest and tell you all that if I would’ve had vodka in my house, I might have put it in my coffee and coke today. Thank goodness I don’t keep that around here. HA! Kidding! Simmer down Baptist friends!

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, potty training is a whole lot more… interesting… when you also have a 16 month old. Ryder wants to hug, kiss, spank, touch, and whatever else to Rory while she is trying to go. Rory will yell, “I need pri’cy, Ryder!” and Ryder just laughs.

Which I think is ironic seeing as Rory NEVER IN A MILLION TRILLION YEARS would ever fathom giving her Momma any privacy when she needs to potty.

So, I bought a second potty and that has solved a lot of “issues”. Ryder sits on one, Rory sits on one, and usually I end up having to sit on the big one to satisfy Rory. Its like a pee-pee party up in here all day long!

So, we are on our way. Now I just am trying to decide whether or not to send Rory to school tomorrow or keep her home to have several straight days of training.

Oh, who am I kidding! I will send her and pray for the best.


Okay, this mess of a post has gone on long enough.

Happy Potty Training Week!

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7 thoughts on “we’re not married.

  1. Smh… I can’t believe you’ve been living in sin all this time and didn’t tell me. Of course, it had to be Rory who let the truth out. Ugh.

    My advice is to not skip tomorrow! Don’t be inconsistent like I did or you might end up with an almost 4 y.o. that isn’t trained! OR a 4 yo who is potty trained, but so hard headed that she won’t go to the potty when she doesn’t “feel like it”, and just pees her pants. I. Am. Losing. It.

  2. Oh my goodness your girls are adorable! 🙂 that last picture cracked me up . . . also, our little heart-stinker-babies are so hilarious and crazy and similar, it makes me smile!

  3. Hahaha omg love this post. I’m right there with you, girl. Oh, and Andy should really make an honest woman out of you 😉

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