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well that was… interesting.

We took our first fishing/boat adventure with Rory today! It was… interesting. She loved it at first. As long as the boat was going she was happy. She loved the breeze and the water splashing.

I forgot my camera at home so I only had my camera phone to take pictures with so sorry about the quality!

So I’m going to run down real quick what all happened on our fishing adventure today:

  • trailer would not get onto the hitch on the car… seriously it was insane. it just would not go on there.
  • when we got to the lake the throttle control cable was somehow disconnected so Andy had to quickly “rig it up”
  • we got to our fishing spot all fine and dandy and it was great until Rory got hot. And as I’ve told you before, she DOES NOT LIKE TO BE HOT. So she screamed. For what seemed like an eternity at the time.
  • So when we started to go back the thing Andy had “rigged up” came loose so the motor started accelerating out of control and Rory and I were about 1 sec away from being thrown out of the boat. Thank goodness we had the life jacket right?! (when I say we were 1 sec from being thrown out- I’m not exaggerating. My whole arm and half my face went into the water.)
  • So Rory continued to SCREAM.
  • She finally went to sleep when we started heading in. When we got to the dock, Andy tied it off and we all headed to the car. When we were backing down the boat ramp Andy yells, “oh my gosh my boat got away!”. Apparently the knot didn’t hold. (Dear Andy, you are an Eagle Scout, what happened??) Luckily it washed to shore where he could get it “easily”.
  • When trying to get the boat on the trailer his motor keeps sticking like it did earlier so we couldn’t get it on the trailer. Andy decides the only way to do it is to use the trolling motor.
  • The trolling motor gets caught on the trailer and rips all the way off the mount attached to the boat.
  • He then re-rigs the motor and finally gets it onto the trailer. Hooray!

Everyone laugh with us about our awful terrible amazing day.

There won’t be anymore boat trips for a while. I secretly bawled while Rory did today. It was just bad.

Oh well, if we are lucky we will live long enough to have another awful day, am I right?! 🙂

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