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weekend update: wonderful weekend at home

*Warning: Lots of cute pictures to follow. This might be a rather long post.*

On Friday morning I woke up to laughs, squeels, and lots of “talking” over the monitor. I go into Rory’s room to find this:

Thats right. She’s turned completely around from the way I put her and is holding a baby doll. Who knows how this happened, but she sure was happy about it.

“Hey Mom, see what I’m doing! I’m playing! I love mornings!”

Rory and I ran errands and played at home all day on Friday. Andy came home early and we went on a family date! Rory is so good at waiting on us to get ready- especially when Disney is on!

Then on Saturday morning we went shopping! Our 6th anniversary is coming up, so we decided to get a new bed for our present to each other. (I will post pictures when the bed comes in!)  We decided that Rory should debut her new Osh Kosh overalls. Well she just looked so cute we had to have a mini photo shoot!

“I know Mom’s going to post this on the blog, so I’ll smile real big for everybody and show how cute I am!”

Anyone else think I’ve got a mischievous little stinker on my hands?!!!!!

“you talkin’ to me?!”

“Hey, y’all!”

After we picked out a bed and were done shopping, we came home to wash cars and do some yard work! Rory slept most of the time, but when she woke up she hung out with us outside.

“Y’all need to pay attention to me over here!”

“I love being outside!”

“Okay, I’m over it. Its SO HOT out here!”

After another nap we headed out to Walmart and a couple of other places. Andy dressed her and she looked so cute/so hilarious.

“Okay, I’m going to try ignoring them again to get them to stop taking pictures.”

I picked out the colors for our bathroom and got all excited… so I had the bright idea to see if the wallpaper would come down easy or not. Why did Andy allow me to start this project? (Thats right, its Andy’s fault!! ha!) Anyways- we are almost done with taking it down now. On to painting this week! Here’s the before picture with the wallpaper:

Tore down that wallpaper only to find…

More wallpaper! Oh it just can’t be easy, can it?!

I believe Andy deserves some praise right now for putting up with my impatience and helping out with the bright ideas I have.

And Rory is just happy to play on the bed looking at the fan and sometimes watching the TV.

What a wonderful weekend! Now to watch the LOST series finale!

Have a great week!

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7 thoughts on “weekend update: wonderful weekend at home

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, and it looks liks she is just bursting with personality!!! What a great time in your life!!! Enjoy every minute!!!

  2. Is that a baby cabbage patch in the first pics? Eva has the same one and the “hoot” shirt too. Rory is such a doll!

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