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weekend update: Tunica edition

Well, folks, the children are actually napping at the same time today so I’m getting a little time of quiet to myself and am actually able to write a little post today.


This weekend the dear husband planned a surprise getaway for us. This is the first time he has ever done that, and I’m telling you, I didn’t care where we were going I was just excited no matter what!

I do believe the most romantic thing a husband can do for his wife is get a babysitter all by himself. No joke.

So Andrew took me to Tunica because we’d never been there and we had the best time just getting to spend time together without interruptions from little people. Also, I got two nights of awesome sleep AND a long nap on Saturday. That is my idea of a perfect weekend away!


I will admit I fell off the diet bandwagon a bit though. So I’m back at it today!

Before I left for the vacation I was about 12 lbs down, but refuse to weigh until I get some gym time and days of dieting in- ha!

While we were there we went shopping at a little outlet mall there. I was able to finally get Rory some clothes since she has all of a sudden grown out of pretty much all of her clothes. She has just shot up and is so tall all of a sudden. Precious girl- how is she almost three already?

Here she is in her new PJs. She kept doing this silly face she’s been doing. She mostly uses this face to try and get out of trouble. It is so hard not to laugh at it.


This Rory girl is such a little sweetheart. She is the most compassionate and caring child. She is always asking Ryder if she is okay if she falls down or if she is crying. She is always trying to take care of her little sister. And she is so loving on Andy and I. She will just hug us and says, “I just love you!”, about 20 times a day . I’m so proud of the little girl she is becoming. She’s still strong-willed but she’s the sweetest.

Ryder, on the other hand, has apparently entered the terrible twos a little early. I remember Rory going through this at about her age. She has come up with this fake cry that IS MAKING ME INSANE. She is usually my delightful child but today, she is the most undelightful little toot you’ve ever seen.

Let’s just say when it is time for Zumba tonight I will be out the door in about two seconds flat.

This week is busy with preparations for Rory’s birthday party. We are having a small little cowgirl party on Saturday morning. She is so excited and so am I! This is her first “real” birthday party. I thought about doing something really girly but decided that well, that is just NOT Rory. She is a tomboy and loves all things cowgirl/animals/etc. I’m so excited to see how it all turns out. You better believe there will be lots of pictures!


I wish I had more exciting things to talk about, but alas, I do not. I am taking the girls to the store this afternoon though so I am sure they will do something to embarrass me.

Alright! It’s time for this momma to get a shower before the kids wake up! Another miracle!

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