Home Sweet Home, Rory Eve

weekend update

*Knock, Knock*

Oh hello! Welcome to my room!

Oh, nevermind. I see something better in here so I gotta go!

Doesn’t she look so cute in that robe?! I hadn’t put it on her in so long- the last time it just was so huge. I saw it in the closet yesterday and tried it again- perfect fit!

On Friday night we just spent the night as a family having a good time together. Rory was acting like she didn’t feel just great so we just had a PJ party at home.

Friday night Andy woke up with her and said she was burning up from head to toe with fever. I felt so bad for her. First thing Saturday morning I called the pediatrician and got her in at the first appointment. Thank goodness Dr. Scott was in this Saturday! We got there and she showed out for him as usual (Rory just loves her doctor) and sure enough the other ear was now infected too. So at this point we have a double ear infection and the medicine wasn’t working. He put her on some stronger medicine and we are hoping she gets cleared up this time quickly! Looks like tubes are a for sure thing now.

While we were there Rory said something that sounded like “doctor” and Dr. Scott just loved it. He said, “did you hear her? She said doctor!”, and then went out and told all his nurses about it. I’m so glad that we’ve had such a great experience with her doctor.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting little Rory feeling better and playing with her. She took her first nap in her toddler bed that night and it was so cute! She was so proud when she woke up in her big bed! Here is a picture of her snuggled up that I took on my phone:

Saturday night our babysitter, Amy, came over and watched Rory while we went out to eat. I just LOVE Amy because she LOVES Rory and the feeling is mutual.

Sunday was spent at church and napping- gotta stay true to our Baptist heritage! ha! We had such a great service Sunday morning AND Sunday night. After service last night we had a meet and greet/Texas style welcome for our new pastor and his wife. Rory was passed around from person to person and just loved all that attention! I have no idea where she gets it from! ha! One of my biggest prayers is for her to love going to church as much as I did growing up.

Today we are spending running errands and cleaning up the house.

Rory may or may not be getting into lots of trouble for things like this…

I swear, I can’t leave the room for even a second these days!


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