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weekend recap (alternate title: I am not clever today)

We had a whirlwind fun weekend and so this post is just going to be a lot of pics and updates.

Friday Ryder had her first appointment with a new pediatrician here in Cleveland. I was really impressed by him and Ryder really liked him too, which is saying something. Unfortunately, Ryder has lost four pounds and considering the way she eats (read: she loves to eat) and some other factors, there is some concern about her thyroid. It was so horrible trying to get her blood – she is a really hard stick (heart babies just are) so it took a really long time and a lot of tries before we finally got a tiny amount of blood.

This is where I’m going to be brutally honest- there are times, like Friday, when I think, WHY? Why does every single doctor’s appointment end up at some sort of “we are concerned” talk or hard blood work or tests? I mean WHY CAN’T WE JUST HAVE ONE UNEVENTFUL DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT?! We have not ever ever ever had even one appointment that was just “normal” or uneventful. There is some sort of “concern” every time. I will admit that sometimes it is hard to put on a cheery face because it is just all so exhausting.

And then I think about how far we have come and how SHE IS HERE WITH US and it is hard to feel anything but grateful for her life and her journey. We truly are thankful for every trial and triumph because it means she is still here when it could have so easily been a different story. It probably should have been a different story. So yes, sometimes I am weary, oh so weary, but I would do it 100 times over to have Ryder exactly as she is. I’m taught so much with every doctor’s appointment and scare and relief.

10583826_10101311066319646_7226369773488878212_n IMG_5535

I mean – what on earth would we do without this Sassy Pants????

10599334_10101310019911656_5222645959379043000_nOn Saturday we went to the Chattanooga Zoo! We ended up getting a membership for the zoo on a Groupon deal for $35! Pretty amazing! So now we can go whenever we want and have unlimited carousel rides!

I was really impressed with the zoo- it is a small zoo but sometimes the small ones are the most fun because they animals are right there and it seems much more intimate than other large zoos do. The girls had the best time. Rory was so excited she couldn’t stop jumping and saying “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVERRRR!”. I mean. PRESH.

IMG_5677 IMG_5669 IMG_5621 IMG_5602 IMG_5649 IMG_5660

After the zoo we ran into the mall and to Costco. Both were packed madhouses and I started to wonder if I was missing some sort of mega sale or something.

We went to my cousin Jessica’s house for dinner and my girls probably had more fun there with their cousin Bree than any other thing we did that day. Jessica has chickens and the girls chased them for hours. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. We all had the best time- I am loving having some family close by.



(Side note: No chickens were harmed.)

Sunday we woke up and headed to church. This is our third week into the Church Search of Cleveland and y’all, it is so refreshing. We never found a church in Savannah we felt was a great fit. We were active in a church there, but more and more it became clear that it just wasn’t where God wanted us. So we just never found our niche there when it came to churches.

We have been to three churches and while one was a clear “no” (incidentally the one Rory graced with her presence in a huge way) it still wasn’t bad.

The church we went to this week was an amazing worship experience – I’m not saying it is THE ONE- but y’all….

It was the best sounding choir/music I’ve heard in person probably ever. And I’ve heard a good choir/music in a church in my life.

I told Andy as we were leaving that I had chill bumps the entire service because it was just so incredible and yet even though they sounded PERFECT you could still worship at the top of your lungs and not feel like your singing ability was insufficient.

Most of all, I thought to myself during the service – Oh my goodness. If I have chill bumps and feel so full of worship now, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE WHAT HEAVEN WILL SOUND AND FEEL LIKE?! I mean, seriously. I’m tearing up now just thinking about it. Even if we never go back to that church, I will always be thankful for that experience of true worship for the first time in way too long.

10410332_10101313571953336_8916747346128893585_nPart of the reason we had a hard time in Savannah was because of their lack (in the entire town) of age appropriate worship. Age three is the cut off in Savannah for childcare, which in my opinion, is the most ridiculous non-serving young families thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. Despite my best efforts in Savannah, we still never got anyone on board to help young families out so they could truly worship and so that their KIDS could truly worship in an age-appropriate way.

So our main focus here in Cleveland is girls. We want them to be able to worship at full potential and then we are praying that fits with the adult worship too.

Sunday afternoon we took a “Family Fun Adventure” as Rory calls it to Gee Creek Falls. I was a little worried about Ryder since she has a history of “MY WEGS WON’T WORK”, but she was a champ and of course Rory was in her element.

We really had the best time together out in the woods and out of the apartment. I tell Andy almost daily that I can’t believe God has blessed us with such a beautiful place to live. Rory is such an explorer so this was her ultimate fun day. And believe it or not, Ryder had a blast too.

It was SO CUTE because every time Ryder kicked a rock she would say, “Oh, I’m sorry rock! I didn’t mean to kick you! I just tryin’ to keep up with eberyone.” Or if she stood on a rock to help her up she would thank the rock for helping her. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever heard in your life? Because I almost cried several times listening to her. ha!

IMG_5712 IMG_5713 IMG_5716 IMG_5763 IMG_5723 IMG_5738



Rory helped her sister out the whole day and OHMYWORD is that not the SWEETEST.


It was such a wonderful weekend. I am loving all these new “adventures” with our family.




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