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Well we had a super busy and fun weekend around here! It was Andy’s Friday off so we have enjoyed three long days together. It was like a little mini-staycation!

Friday morning we got our pictures taken. It was so much better than I expected. Jennifer, the photographer, was so patient and encouraged breaks for Rory during the shoot. Hopefully the family pictures turned out great too. I just wanted to document a time that it was just the three of us before Ryder was born.

The rest of the day we just played and cleaned around the house.

Someone explain to me why we even buy actual toys…??? Her favorite thing from the Easter Bunny is this bucket.

Friday night we got a babysitter for Rory and went on a date. Our date consisted of going to eat, to Home Depot, and to Kroger. It was fantastic! ha! No seriously it really was a wonderful night. We are determined to get Amy to babysit as many nights as possible before the baby is born because after that it’ll be a long while.

Saturday I went to a brunch for our new pastor’s wife. It was so good to get some girl time in that morning. While I was gone, Andy started painting Ryder’s room. It was completely painted by late Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to finish it and show y’all! While he painted I worked on Rory’s “new” room.

Andy and Rory were inseparable all weekend long. She “helped” him do the last of the big projects for our house- changing out all the door knobs!

She followed him around all weekend and they had the best time together. This morning she was devastated when he left for work. She got her backpack and ran to the door and yelled “go daddy!” to me over and over. Poor thing! I wanted him to stay home too!

On Sunday we were bad and skipped church. I was feeling so tired and sore from being on my feet all day Saturday and it was storming really bad so we just stayed home. We really had the best day in our pj’s at the house though.

I worked literally all day almost on my next new adventure… couponing!

I just want to save enough money where I can justify and not feel guilty for keeping Rory in Mother’s Day Out. (Side note: Andy does not want me to pull her, its just hard for me to justify it since I will pay full price now.)

So we clipped coupons…

and I sorted them into categories…

and then filed them into my super organized, wonderful binder!

This couponing thing is serious business, y’all! I hope I do well at it so I can help save some money since I won’t be working!

The last thing we did this weekend was buy Rory a new “lifelike” baby doll. The ones she had were definitely not real looking at all. I got one that even makes baby noises.

See… with her old baby dolls every time I would hold and love on it she’d grab it, throw it down and yell “nooooo”. And then she’d promptly get into my lap.

So I figured I should start working on her and trying my hardest to prepare her. I know nothing will prepare her but at least I can say I tried!

Its honestly such a hard time because I am getting so so so excited about Ryder being here. And yet I am so so so sad that Rory’s world is about to be rocked. Its just one of those things I go back and forth on emotionally. Ya know.. ’cause I’m way pregnant and hormonal. ha!


Have a great week!


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