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Last week was such a whirlwind of a week I can hardly remember what all I did! Every day I had one to two appointments/meetings and stayed late at work both days. It was so crazy. This weekend was all about recovering from all of that. And today I refuse to leave my house except to go to the bank and Walgreens. I’m still so tired which is due to pregnancy and sheer exhaustion from last week.

I’m so thankful for Andy today because he let me sleep in until ten (!!!!) on Saturday and let me take a really long nap yesterday. On top of that he painted the guest bathroom, cleaned the house, and took care of the stinker. On Friday I got sick for the first time, and it didn’t stop all weekend. If I get hungry, which is rare, I am nauseous. If I eat, I throw up. What am I supposed to do here?! Its miserable!

Last night Rory was playing in her in pack and play while we fixed dinner (which by the way was cereal and toast, ha!). She was just having the best time in there, it was so cute! We put Jersey in there with her to see what she’d do and of course the dog freaked out. So then we put Jackson in. He’s such a good dog with Rory, he just goes with the flow!

We have made a blocked off section in the middle of our sectional with her toy basket and the pack and play so she can crawl around and play in the floor without us having to chase her and say “no” constantly. She’s starting to learn that if she pushes the basket hard enough it will move and she can escape. ha! Well this morning I was laying on the couch while she was playing and I fell asleep. (I know, bad mom, sue me!) I was asleep maybe 10 minutes at the very most when I woke up and saw her “reading” her Dr. Seuss book. Then I noticed that there was a very large chunk missing from like three pages and when I turned her around to see her she had paper hanging all out her mouth with a huge smile on her face! Hello heart attack! Guess I won’t be falling asleep on the couch anymore! ha!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! I’m counting down the hours to our trip home for Thanksgiving. I just can’t wait to see everyone! After missing Thanksgiving last year in MS, this year I am just dying to get there! I hope Rory loves growing up going back to Pleasant Ridge just as much as I did!

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