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week long pajama party

This week Rory and I have stayed in our pj’s pretty much 24/7. Its been awesome! We’ve played, napped, and just have had a great week together. I forgot what it was like to be a for real stay-at-home mom and after this week I realized how much I’ve missed these days!

Its been so nice to work on getting the stinker back on schedule and I have been very successful! The past three nights she has slept all through the night and even slept in two days! On Tuesday night I heard her wake up and she kept making this high-pitch noise that sounded like either “yeah!” or “hmm!”. It was hilarious! She was just in her bed playing and went back to sleep on her own. I just laid in bed listening to her and laughed until she was quiet again.

lovin’ the baby

throwin’ the baby

she’s very serious about riding her turtle that Aunt Tasha gave her

“mom, pleeeeeease stop with the pictures”

excited about her turtle

I think your basket is full, Rory…

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3 thoughts on “week long pajama party

  1. We have the same turtle, and G loves to hop on it’s back. Now she hikes her leg up on anything trying to get on it- on this I blame the turtle :). Rory is just so doggone cute!

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