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week in Arkansas

Did y’all miss me?!

are you excited that I’m back?! because I obviously am!

I made my first road trip alone with Rory and let me just say it’ll be the last for a looong while if I can help it! Its just way too hard to drive 6+ hours with a baby all by myself.

Not to mention the fact that I had TWO- yes, TWO- flat tires on the way back. So a 6-7 hour trip ended up being 12 hours.


Andy was out of town all week for work and so I decided to go to Tasha’s house while he was gone.

Rory and I had so much fun. Tasha has a pool and Rory loved it. She’s going to be a water baby for sure! My parents, Telena, and my Uncle James and family came to their house and we had such a great time.

Rory loved her Uncle James and Aunt Cindy

(who, by the way, are making their debut on the blog!)

she also LOVED her cousins, Jessi and Eli

and my baby always gets comments on how “tan” she looks (she got her dad’s skin tone) but can we not agree that next to them and their beautiful skin she looks like THE whitest baby on earth?! šŸ™‚

Landon and Rory were the best of friends the whole time.

Landon would say things like “you don’t say”, “what’s the matter”, etc in a baby voice to her. So so so cute.

He also said when she was fussing the day we were leaving, “I know I’m sorry you have to go all the way back to Texas”

Broke my little heart.

they watched Disney together in the mornings

is this not the sweetest picture on earth?

quick funny conversation between Landon and my dad/Papa

Landon: Papa, did you bring your swimming suit?

Papa: No I didn’t buddy.

Landon: Well you can just wear Mimi’s swimming suit then.



me and my Papa are two peas in a pod

I loved swimming with “Lena”

and now I would like you all to be warned that these next photos will get you out of the foul mood you may be in or brighten the bad day you may be having…

because they are simply adorable.

make sure you pay attention to her hands in these pics. she’s so proper and cute.

this next picture gets me every single time. she’s just not going to be bothered by the camera in her face, is she?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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7 thoughts on “week in Arkansas

  1. Joe must have just wore the bottom half(hee-hee). I just loved those sweet little cheeks I just want to kiss them!!!!!!! By the way that was a “Patrick” look.

  2. Rory is so cute! And I love that bathing suit. I am also glad that you didn’t take a full body shot of your dad especially if he was wearing “Mimi’s” swimsuit šŸ™‚

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