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Wednesday Wrap-Up

I am trying to be creative with my title and am failing. It’ll have to do.

I forgot to mention that starting this week I won’t be working at Mother’s Day Out “full time” anymore. I am going to be the “sub” on Tuesday mornings for my class and thats it. I am sad because I will miss my work friends and my sweet little kids in my class but I am SO EXCITED because I will have time by myself before baby #2 comes this summer! Rory will continue to go to school both days and honestly would be lost without going to see “Nana” (Anna), her favorite person on earth.

I had my co-worker go take a picture of her this week while she was sitting in THE HIGHCHAIR. I have laughed so much at this picture this week.

First of all, THE HIGHCHAIR kills me. Their little legs just dangling there are so cute I could just die. I have never seen anything like this table/highchair thing. It just cracks me up! Rory is on the far left all by her little lonesome. I’m pretty positive she has to sit by herself because she may steal food…. ???? haha! She looks so thrilled.

By the way, her BFF at school is the little boy on the far right. I will call him “E” because I don’t want to put his name out on the internet without permission. Rory and him just love eachother. And I’m pretty sure Rory picks on him a lot. ha!

Okay! Moving on!

Today was the day we have been waiting for- Rory’s ENT consult!

We went in, the doctor said she absolutely needed tubes as soon as possible, we scheduled it for the 22nd, and then we left.

Hallelujah and Amen.

I realized yesterday that I only have 97 days until my due date.

And we are going to try and schedule her early to prevent me from going into labor by myself since last time didn’t go well at all.

Which means I need to knock off about 10 days or so.


And I’m getting excited.


And I can’t wait to see if Ryder looks like Rory aka mini-Andy (I mean seriously she is his identical twin!) or if she looks more like me.


The end.

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