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We have had a crazy busy week! And I have become quite the blog slacker! And I can’t stop with the exclamation marks! None of this is exciting enough for exclamation marks!

Monday was Memorial Day and we had some family over for the day. The kids swam, the guys (and me too but I don’t want to talk about how terrible I was) played washers (or warshers if you are extra special), we ate and ate and ate, and we talked and talked and talked. It was a great day and I loved having everyone at our house for the first time!

Also, I got no pictures. Fail.

Tuesday was my “day off” aka Mother’s Day Out. I prepped some furniture, ate with my Tuesday lunch girls, and then decided I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls start to finish. Again.

Basically, I was REAL productive.

On Wednesday we had our first pool playdate of the summer! It was so much fun and all the kids were so good and had a blast!

960228_10100675184481946_1814730813_n 931400_10100675227086566_1907662346_n

Bought a house with a pool and suddenly I’m the most popular person in Savannah.

HAAA! kidding! I’m so excited to have a fun summer with friends over all the time!

Yesterday was Ryder’s last Thursday at school (they are going just Tuesdays in June) so I decided to take advantage of it and have a Rory Fun Day! This time we drove to Memphis and met some friends at the zoo! Next time we meet up we will have to do something that Wilder and Rory can actually play together and interact more!


Rory was so sweet the whole day. She was so excited and loved every second of the day and so did I! I love getting some one on one time with her.

We got home and Rory was determined she was going to swim. This girl is seriously A FISH. She has gotten really good in the water too. She saw some big kids swimming with their faces in the water so now she swims with hers in there too. Its so cute.


Now let’s discuss something here.

Ryder is KILLING ME with her eating.

I know, I know… what’s new?

But people, this is the TOTAL OPPOSITE problem we had when she was a baby and wouldn’t eat.

Now I can’t get enough in her.

(this is not a complaint, I just want y’all to know about the craziness of it)

Every single day she wakes up yelling, “Momma! Sausage! Waffles! Mommaaaa! Waffles! Sausage!”.

What am I?! Chopped liver?! Can I get a “Momma! Good Morning! I love you! You are the best mother who ever walked this earth! I can’t wait to spend the day NOT getting into trouble with you!” ?????????!!!!

So this morning Rory opted to eat cereal and Ryder, obviously, wanted WAFFLES.

She then proceeded to eat three waffles, about a cup of strawberries, and a sausage patty. Oh, yes she did.

Then about thirty minutes later, she came to me and said, “Momma! Snack! Snack peeease!”

Insert the “excuse me????” mom-face.

That is why we shall forever call her The Piraña.


I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m scared of those teeth just about as bad as a real life piraña’s teeth. For Reals.

Have a great weekend!

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