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visit from Gigi and Grandpa

This weekend Andy’s parents (now referred to as Gigi and Grandpa) came for a visit. Its the first time other than Ryder’s surgery they have been able to come since Ryder was born.

We had a great weekend. It was nice to be able to get some stuff done around the house without having to worry about Rory “helping”. They brought some furniture down so I organized while they played outside with Rory.

And best of all, Andy and I got to go on a date without the girls! We needed it so bad! Andy was so excited, can’t you tell?!

On Saturday, we went over to their hotel and let Rory swim! She had an absolute blast! She’s my little fearless fish in the water. I can’t wait until next summer when I can take both girls to the pool!

Ryder had fun too!

And for a Ryder update. She has been drinking so great the past 4 days. We thought we were in the clear and were so excited!

But the last three bottles she has thrown up (not spit up- we are talking about projectile here) about 2 1/2 ounces into the bottle. I’m not sure whats going on. We have a checkup tomorrow with cardiologist so I’m hoping we can figure it out by then. We are also hoping she doesn’t throw up anymore. We have made such great progress on eating and gaining weight. It is SO EASY for her to start losing that weight if she doesn’t keep down the food. So please say a prayer for us!

Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “visit from Gigi and Grandpa

  1. We had a wonderful time and by the smiles the girls did too! Rory is so much fun and Ryder’s smiles and cooing is so sweet. Praying for a good report for Ryder today.

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