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I have some updates for you!

1) Ryder had a WONDERFUL first day of Mother’s Day Out! They said she did great and napped great. They also said she was very interested in everyone’s food and tried stealing some oranges from her neighbor. Typical.

2) Jackson is officially gone. I’ve cried a whole lot and am really so sad, but I know it was time. Rory keeps calling for him and that makes it even harder. We just told her he was staying with new friends for a while.

3) We sold our couch and are getting a new one. Problem is they can’t deliver it until TUESDAY so we only have the new recliner. I feel like I’m back in our college days!

4) A few weeks ago we got Rory and Ryder’s pictures made. They are gorgeous and I’m, again, amazed at Jennifer’s patience and work with them!

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