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Ultrasound, Week 12 Day 6

I had a doctor’s appointment today to hear the heartbeat of the baby, but since I’m still early on and not really showing yet, they couldn’t guarentee they’d be able to find the heartbeat. Well, the doctor tried and tried but couldn’t find it today so sent me on to get an ultrasound.

Well we knew why she couldn’t get a heartbeat to show up  immediately in the ultrasound! Apparently I have a gymnast/dancer in there! The baby did somersault after somersault and then turned its back on us and did a little booty dance! HA! It was so funny, the tech and I were just laughing and laughing. Baby Harris did NOT stop the entire time! This has been the most amazing experience ever… I am so not what I thought I would be like when I’m looking at that little stinker moving and grooving. I got all misty-eyed and smiley the rest of the day!

Enjoy these pictures of Baby Harris- they will be the last before we know if he/she is a he or a she!

ultrasound022ultrasound023Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, it is the best she could do with all the squirming. One thing I LOVE about our doctor is that they have a 52′ flat screen tv that you can watch while they do ultrasounds, but the bad thing is that the pictures are never as good as what it looks like on there!

I’m going to leave you with one last picture. I woke up this morning looking straight at this instead of Andy, so I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and took the picture. She really thinks she’s a person!


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