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typical days

Yesterday I introduced the playmat to Ryder for the first time.

I know. Its a little lot later than I should have, but Stinker #1 makes me very nervous.

Well Ryder loved it! She just cooed and smiled and kicked those arms and legs all over the place! It was so fun to watch her discover this new fun toy.

When I am putting up clothes and cleaning Rory or Ryder’s room, I always stick Ryder in one of their beds to lay and play.

Unfortunately, Rory can haul herself into Ryder’s bed in about a second.

That is why we have lots of pictures of them in the crib together.

Rory’s face is showing how proud she is of her skills. She’s like, “see, I got this!”.

So I make the best of it and take some cute pictures.

Note: I do not leave them in there together alone. Please don’t worry. I’m not that dumb, ha!

Rory wanted to lay like “sisser”.

and of course kisses were handed out…

and then the photo op had to stop because Rory’s “get you” hands came out…

She’s just such a stinker!

On Sunday I tried to get some pictures of me and my girls.

This is the best I got…. my hair is AWFUL in it and Ryder is about to pass out, but otherwise its decent. One out of about 100 pictures. That isn’t good odds.

But I LOVE it because it captures Rory’s personality perfectly.

Better luck next time I guess.

As for our Monday…

in the morning we went to a playdate. I’ve gone to one the past two weeks and it has helped keep me sane! Adult conversation! More moms to tell Rory “no!”. People who see what a stinker she is and now believe all my crazy stories!

And then we came home and things were as usual.

Lots of hiding from Mommy…

and tormenting the dogs…

and it wouldn’t be a typical day without a little climbing.

I love spending my days with my girls.

My heart is full and I am blessed.

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