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Two Months Old!

I am two months old today!

I just got back from Florida so Mommy just took some quick pictures. Finally, I got a break and didn’t have to have an outfit change during her “photo shoots”.

Can you believe how big I’ve gotten?! (Click on Baby Harris on the side to compare to my pictures from last month!)

I’m such a happy baby!

I still love my Bunny and my Bear! I can hold my head up much better than I could last month!

In just one month I’ve gotten much better at holding my head up and staying awake for long periods. I’m constantly smiling at Mommy and Daddy because they are so silly. They talk to me in funny voices and I coo and talk back to them now. I’m starting to play more too! Everyone tells me I’m such a good baby and I’m not going to argue about that! I’m sleeping even better through the night and that makes Mommy so happy!

Well, my Mimi and Aunt Brenda are here so I gotta go play with them. They think I’m so cute, maybe I can get some major spoiling this week! 🙂

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