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Two Months Old!

I am TWO MONTHS OLD today!

Usually I would say that time has gone by fast, but it has been a long month!

But can’t you tell I’ve gained some weight?! My new “diet” is making me a chubby monkey!

As you will see, I am THE happiest baby on earth! After they figured out that I wasn’t colicky and what was wrong, we got everything all sorted out (for the most part) on my nighttime fussiness! I smile and laugh out loud constantly!

Mommy says my smile is a gift to her and Daddy from God and that it helps them to know that I am going to be just fine! I mean, look at me! Don’t I look just fine?!

I love, love, LOVE my big sister! Rory can get me to smile like no one else! She doesn’t pay too much attention to me anymore but when she does I think its so fun!

I am a TOTAL Mommy’s girl right now, especially at night. I don’t want anyone else holding me. Mommy has to take me everywhere with her because she doesn’t want Daddy to have to deal with my screaming when she leaves me. I love my Daddy and love to smile at him but I’d rather have my Mommy holding me!

I am wearing the same outfit Rory wore for her two month birthday post! Here is Rory:

And here I am!:

There are times when Mommy and Daddy think we look just alike and then times when they say we look totally different! Who do y’all think I look like?

I am sleeping so much better at night. Most nights I only wake up one time and only for 15-30 minutes! During the day I mostly nap in my swing. I like to be swaddled up tight still, so I don’t nap good in my bed unless Mommy swaddles me. And most of the time she doesn’t have time to do all that because Rory is always getting into some kind of trouble! Yesterday when Mommy was changing my diaper she climbed on top of the TV stand and almost knocked the TV over!

Mommy is a little worried that I’m going to be a stinker too! She says she doesn’t know what she is going to do when she has two stinkers getting into trouble together! I’ll just blame everything on Rory though… that’s what little sisters do!

I am still eating only 3 ounces (well, actually most of the time I only eat 2 ounces…) and it takes me about 2 hours at least to finish a bottle. Its just too much work for me!

I weigh about 9 1/2 pounds, so I have gained a whole pound since my procedure! This higher calorie formula diet is great! I’m getting more bang for my buck when I eat!

I wear a size 1 diaper and newborn/0-3 month clothes. As long as it isn’t footed I can wear newborn, but I’m so long I can’t wear my footie pajamas anymore unless they are 0-3 month! I have really long fingers and skinny, long feet. Everyone says I’m going to be a piano player!

Well Rory is at school so I am going to have some one-on-one snuggle time with Mommy today! I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because I get lots of attention without interruption, but man do I miss my sister during the day! And guess what? She misses me too! When we go to pick her up she never comes to hug Mommy anymore, she runs straight to me and says “hi girl!” and gives me a big ole kiss!

See y’all next month!

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6 thoughts on “Two Months Old!

  1. Ryder, you don’t look like your sister like you used to. You have lighter hair, eyebrows, lighter skin color and lighter eye color. I’m so happy that you are growing!

  2. I love that in every picture she has big smiling eyes! She is beautiful like her sister. Glad to hear she is gaining weight and sleeping!

  3. Precious! It’s hard to believe we were there for Rory’s 2month b-day.
    Wish we could have been there for Ryder’s. She is just beautiful and so happy, love those smiles that go straight to her eyes. Love you all!!

  4. I’m so glad she’s gaining more weight! I think she looks like her momma now. She looked like a carbon copy of Rory when she was born, but I think she looks like you now! She’s got such a sweet smile. I wish I could snuggle her up!

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