Rory Eve


This morning we woke up bright and early and made our way to the hospital. Rory was the youngest so she got to go first (thank goodness!!) and was taken back around 7. Literally 10 minutes later the surgeon came down and said she did wonderfully and that we’d see her in about 10 minutes.

She was so so so so sweet to all the nurses and just sat there while they poked and prodded her. Then another little girl that was about 2 came in and screamed at them the whole time. She was saying, “she mean! she mean!”,Β  about the nurses. We got so tickled about it because we lucked out getting the tubes at a year instead of at two!

After the other little girl came in and was screaming, Rory got a little antsy and so I broke out my iPhone and found Elmo on youtube. LIFESAVER!

She did really well through the surgery. Afterwards she was SO MAD that she was still at the hospital and as soon as we left to go home she started smiling and talking. They kept telling me she’d be extremely irritable and mad for the next 24 hours and probably wouldn’t let me put her down.

Well we got home about 8:45, she talked to me for a minute and then passed out. She’s been sound asleep in her bed since then. Hopefully she will wake up feeling much better.

I’m just so thankful that we finally got this over with and can’t wait to see how much better she feels now!


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8 thoughts on “tubes!

  1. She is going to be much better, I’m glad you were able to get this over with. She’s so sweet even when she’s sick!!

  2. I bet all of the nurses wanted to keep her cause she’s just so cute! Youtube on my cell phone has saved me many times :). So glad to hear she’s doing great, I’m sure she will feel so much better!

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