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Today has been one of those days where I have struggled all day with Rory.

Struggle meaning that I realize the weight of parenthood and the weight of having to discipline Rory and all of my children. I want and desire strong discipline in our home because I LOVE Rory and I want the very best for her.

And before anyone says that she’s just a baby and doesn’t understand, that is simply absolutely not true. She will go to whatever she knows she’s not supposed to touch, climb, etc and say “no no”. She knows.

Anyway, we have tried “spanking” and usually she has laughed or it hasn’t stopped her from doing it as soon as she gets a chance. Well it’s not working obviously so today I started timeout with her. I put her away from everything and made her sit for one minute. IT WORKED (for now anyway). She hated it.

And of course, I couldn’t help but take a picture or two with my phone. ha!

The first picture is an example of what she has been constantly been getting into trouble for- climbing! The other two pictures are of her actually in time out.




And that’s real life around here, y’all. It’s not all smiles and perfect days. I know that starting young with a loving discipline is what we need to do and I KNOW it’s what God has called me to do as a parent. I’m just so thankful that God has given me an unconditional love for Rory and shows His example of this same love with the grace and forgiveness He is constantly giving me. My biggest prayer as a parent is to show an overflowing of love and grace to my children as God has shown me.

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8 thoughts on “trouble

  1. Don’t show any more of those sad crying faces. I can’t take it! Do what you have to do just don’t make me watch. Pitiful baby face.

  2. I love this kid. And I love you too, little Mama. You are doing a great job. He will give you strength. I promise. Better yet, He promises!

  3. It was hard to spank or give Riley at time out at first, but the kids have to learn the difference between right and wrong. There is nothing with a time out, spanking, or pop on the hand if it is done in a loving way. Now that the girls are older when it is time to lay the law down Joel and I sit them down and explain to them why we are putting them in time out or giving them a spanking. We tell them that we don’t like to spank them but it is what we have to do because God chose us to be their parents and God instructs us to discipline them whether it be negative (spanking) or positive (great job). We also tell them that mommy and daddy make mistakes. So I believe there is nothing wrong with discipling children as long as it is done in a loving way and not out of anger. Hang in there! She will do worse things than climb and will make you want to just pull your hair out and scream, but you will survive.

  4. Discipline is much better than none at all. It’s Biblical, and people will look forward to seeing your child not dreading. She is precious, you are precious.

  5. Don’t waiver, Tiff! Keep on keeping on and you’ll be glad one day. The bad news is you will have to learn all over again with little Ryder. The discipline technique that works with Miss Rory will probably not work with baby sister and you’ll have to learn new techniques all over again. Haha!

  6. I just went through a study with several other Christian mothers on the book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” It is an amazing book about Biblical discipline if you are interested in reading it. I am not looking forward to spanking Lily for the first time, but hopefully I won’t waver. You are a good example to all of us!!!

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