Top Ten 2013

So I wanted to do a 2013 recap, but I haven’t blogged very well for at least half of this year so I thought I’d do a “Top Ten”. The following are not in any particular order really, just fyi.

Without further adieu – Tiffany’s Top Ten Favorite Things 2013

1. I’m pretty sure my most favorite moment of the whole year was our 10 year reunion. I had the best time planning and then playing. And I realized I never posted pictures! What is wrong with me?! Anyways! We had such a great time and I’m thankful for the people I graduated with because I truly (like for real, no lying) love each of them so much. As soon as we were all together it was as if no time had passed and I hadn’t seen most of them for over 5 years at least. I’m about to bombard you with pictures, just fyi. Also- you can see my giddiness x1000 in every pic. Not kidding, I had the absolute very best night with my friends!

IMG_8430 IMG_3326 IMG_3333

Group shots:

IMG_3381 IMG_3348

Note Andrew in the middle holding the phone- John Michael was facetiming us! Ah, technology!


Here we are with our significant others. Don’t even ask why I am standing like that. Goodness.


Now here is where I proceeded to take a picture with every single person because I needed it for the blog. Problem is I didn’t realize there would be so many pictures to upload, HA! So here is a collage of me and all my fraaaands.


Andy and I both had the best time. Thanks to all who came and we missed the ones not there!


2. Our beach vacation as a family this summer. I’ve already written about it here so click on over and check out all the embarrassing stories and cute pictures.



3. DotMom conference. Y’all I just loved my little weekend mom getaway so much. It was such a refreshing and encouraging weekend and I can’t wait until next year. And an extra bonus was that I got to see my aunt, cousin and grandmother and got to spend a lot of time with my friend, Amber!


4. Tacky Christmas. My friend, Abby, hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party and Andy and I had the best time. I’m so thankful for this group of friends.


imageAA3C7336-E7BD-4EAA-ACD6-F88599E88A0F. image0A689335-812F-4385-9C53-CE7C33C741A4. tackychristmas2013frame

5. All of the embarrassing moments with the girls/myself. They DID ME IN this year with embarrassing me, but I have never laughed so much in my life. Here are a few of my favorite stories (click to read)- Dog Food in the Car, 1st State game/Fondling Random Strangers, The Time I Shut Down the Church Movie Night …. there are so many more, but those are my favorite.

And also all of the hard days. Without the hard, how could we cherish the good? This year seemed like a constant fight (for Rory, for Ryder, for my marriage) but it was so worth it. I learned a lot about where my heart lies, especially as a mother.

6. Rory turned THREE and we had such a fun cowgirl birthday party for her. Definitely one of my favorite moments of ’13.


7. Ryder turned TWO and we had such a fun You Are My Sunshine swimming party for her. I cannot believe my baby is two and a half now. So crazy! Her birthday party was definitely one of my very favorite things in 2013.


8. DATE NIGHTS. Andy and I have had a stressful year, but we have also been able to have quite a few date nights thanks to grandparents willing to watch them. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that Andy’s parents are always so gracious to offer to keep them so we can sleep and how my parents sleep with them when we are there so we can sleep as well. These moments have so many times been my saving grace this year. And I am so thankful that Andy and I still love to go on dates with each other!


9. Starting my new job. Y’all have no idea how much I love my job. Well, you probably do since I have talked about it so much- HA! The people I work with have become my family and I love every single one of them. I’m so thankful God placed me there and I know it was because of the people I am with every day. Morale is at an all time high around here because I have found something for myself that has boosted my confidence and self worth.

10. New and old friends. This year I have become friends with so many new people and I am so thankful God gave me friends in Savannah. And OH HOW I MISS my Texas, Mississippi, etc etc etc people, too. God has blessed me with such great friends. (Obviously there are A LOT of friends I don’t have pictures with this year. So this is in no particular order and clearly some of my dearest friends are missing!)













And, of course, my sisters (and niece!). What would life be like without a sister? I can’t even imagine it. This year we have cried together, fought each other, and loved each other just like every other year. But something about this year has made me love them even that much more and appreciate them so much more. I can’t imagine my life without my sisters and I am so proud Tasha and Telena are mine. I’m also so proud of my niece, Jacy. I can’t even believe the woman she is becoming and I love seeing her flourish.


It has been a wonderful, hard year and I am so thankful for every day of it.


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