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How is it that now I have a “toddler” on my hands?! Rory has started walking more and more. The past two days she has decided she likes to walk as much as she likes to crawl and is getting very confident.

Now while Andy and I have no desire to be “friends” with our children before they are out of our house, I couldn’t resist this t-shirt!  Andy thought it was too cute too. I couldn’t find pants to match so I put on these jeans and they are a little big and make her look way too old for me. It’ll work for playing in the house though!

Jackson and Jersey just can’t decide what to think about her walking now.

We get so tickled at little stinker because she will be walking and pause to dance every so often. She DEFINITELY has rhythm. She will dance for long periods of time, pushing buttons for songs on her toys over and over.

and she’s off!

After Rory goes to bed each night Andy and I will sit on the couch just laughing at all the things she did that day. She really is just so much fun.

Now. Can you believe that little miss has an ear infection?! You can’t tell by these pictures! She has never ran a fever before of more than 99 and everytime that has happened its been AFTER she started antibiotics for her other two ear infections.  On Wednesday night she did not sleep AT ALL. She was so pitiful and I could tell something was wrong. By that morning around 4 or so I realized she had a fever. So I took her in on Thursday morning and she had a terrible ear infection. She even had some blood in her ear it was so bad. The doctor said she thought she’d probably had the infection for a good two weeks. How in the world am I supposed to know this when she has no symptoms?!!!!!!! Geeze louise! We’re on the mend now though and she’s sleeping great again already. I’m hoping so bad that this is the absolute last of the sickness in our family for right now. I want Rory to be well for her first birthday coming up!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have a babysitter (whom I adore!) coming tomorrow night so we can go to a movie together. I’m so excited!

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7 thoughts on “toddler

  1. She is too cute! I can’t wait to witness this walking. Brooks might want to try to catch up! Give her a hug & a kiss from us! Enjoy date night!!

  2. Kate was the exact same way. She never even ran a low-grade fever when she had them. I always felt so terrible when they’d tell me she’d had an ear infection for awhile. I don’t know of any way to tell, but just wanted to tell ya I know how you feel! 🙂

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