to the park!

This morning we had a MOPS playdate at a local park.

(Interruption: It was not originally planned for the park, and for good reason. IT WAS SO STINKING HOT, Y’ALL!)


So Rory and I headed to the park to meet up with some friends!

She had so much fun playing and before everyone else got there I took some pictures.

She just looks too big in them, though.

Where’s my baby?!

We didn’t stay long because of the heat but it was fun and it wore her out!

At first she just ran around looking and touching all the playground equipment. It was so cute to see her explore and take it all in!

P.S. Do you like her super redneck cute hat that her Daddy bought her? It says, “I hunt for hugs.” She loves to wear it.

After running around and getting really hot I put her in the swing.

Girlfriend LOVES to swing.

She giggles and giggles.

We had a good time but man was I glad to get in the a/c! I doubt we will be going to the park anytime soon unless its around 7 am, ha!

Tonight we are going on a date! Our anniversary is Sunday and my birthday is next Thursday so we are celebrating tonight.

And guess what next week is????

Andy’s annual outage.

It always falls on my birthday and our anniversary.

I think I should file a complaint.

Have a great weekend!

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