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Well today was a first. It was the first time I have had to take both girls to the doctor by myself.

And please, dear Lord, have mercy on me and never let me have to do it again!

We get in there and BOTH little precious dainty girls of mine decide to have blow out diapers. So that was a fun way to start! I was about knee deep in crap when the doctor came in and Rory yells, “I pooped!”. Oh how lovely. He suggested we start potty training. Um ya think?!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of…. Rory did, indeed, go #2 in the potty this weekend!

Well. Kind of.

You see, she tells us she had to go. So we put her on the pot and then when it started… um… happening…. she FREAKED OUT and jumped off the pot and runs as fast as she can in the living room. Andy and I are freaking out as well because its clearly going to land on the carpet. So finally we coaxed her back into the bathroom and she had to be held while sitting on the pot (don’t ask how that worked) and it half way dropped in there. We were laughing so hard I almost wet myself!

So now she is scared to go potty. Oh well, try, try again!

Aren’t you glad you stopped by on this here blog today? You didn’t have any idea you’d be getting an earful of poop did ya?!!

Ryder has been eating much better the past couple of days and has gained two ounces since Thursday! Yay! She had a nasty reaction to the antibiotic they put her on over the weekend so we have been dealing with that. But over all, its looking up today!

And now I will erase the images of poop from your brain by showing you some pictures that I guarantee will melt your heart.

You’re welcome.

PS- did you enter the giveaway??!!

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8 thoughts on “TMI?

  1. Well, at least she wasn’t digging in the diaper and smearing it everywhere, lol. Not sure how many times that has happened here, but we have to make sure that pants are on now at all times. And we have a special pair of pj’s that she has to sleep in because they zip up the back and are made just for poop smearers :). G has pooped in the potty a few times, but lately she has been telling us that she has to go and then sits there and does nothing…ugh!

  2. The joys of potty training glad its you and not me!! The girls are adorable as usual. Ryder has the sweetest little double chin. It is going to be all right. That was the hardiest part of my recovery from heart surgery was getting my appetite back. It will come relax, your doing a great job!!

  3. Just wait until you have both of them in the bathtub before one of them decides to have a major blowout! Spray down both girls, both girls out of the tub (dripping wet), remove the “blowout”, drain the water, disinfect the tub, both girls back in. And you will look back one day and laugh about it.

    In the 5th picture from the top, they look like they are having a conversation! So sweet!

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