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Tiffany’s Thursday Tidbits

Oh, I wish I could be creative when it was needed. My Aunt Patrice came up with the “Thursday Tidbits”. I thought I’d add the “Tiffany” to make it more personal and feel like a true segment on this oh-so-famous blog. (er… its really not famous at all, but one can dream, right?)

Some other names I came up with = Thursday Things, Things That Tiffany Thinks Thursday, Thursday’s Thoughts, Thoughtful Thursday, and thats about it. Can anyone tell that I’m sleep deprived and exhausted from chasing a little girl named Rory around?!

  • You read right- CHASING. Little baby Rory has started sorta/kinda crawling. She can do a couple of crawl-steps and then she remembers that if she goes backwards she is MUCH faster. So the little stinker has been crawling(ish) all over the room backwards. And she’s so mischevious already (as I have told you before) and she’ll crawl under the bed with just her head poking out smiling this devil-ish grin.
  • She’s also starting to realize the word “no”. Last night when bathing her, she’d go to stick her face in the water and I’d say “no Rory, no no” or something like that and she’d look up at me with a little grin and then start going down more. Well I let her stick her face in the water to learn and after that when I said “no Rory” she’d stop and look at me with the grin. Stinker, I tell ya!
  • Hotels are like death traps for babies that are starting to be mobile/are mobile. Just fyi.
  • I’m not really sure what an allergic reaction entails but I’m pretty sure Rory had some sort of reaction to the stage 1 chicken. We fed it to her three times and at some point after each time she projectile vomitted ALL OVER ME. And the floor, bed, etc etc etc. This is the only time she’s ever done that in her life. So no more chicken.
  • I have been living a life of luxury this week. No cleaning, cooking, and tons of shopping. I’ve been to Target four times since Tuesday. Andy and I went to Old Navy last night and all the clearance items were an extra 50% off. AMAZING! I bought myself a pair of so cute jean capris for $2. And we got so many cute things for Rory for the fall. Andy got a bunch of stuff too- actually more than we did, ha!
  • Dry shampoo is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
  • Rory has started loving books. And much to my dismay, she is still sucking her thumb.

Hallelujah! This book is good!

  • Last, but certainly not least, Andy bought me a snuggie. I love it and Rory seems to enjoy it too.

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3 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Thursday Tidbits

  1. Hotel carpets are questionable but not Tiffany she knows to put blankets down, trained throughly by her Mom!! Can’t wait to see you.

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