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Three Months Old!

I’m THREE months old today!

Can you believe Mommy forgot?! She’s so crazy!

The good thing about her forgetting though is that she just kind of threw together some pictures and didn’t make me smile for long. She says sorry for the not-so-great pictures.

Mommy said I was a heifer because I smile all the time except when she really wants me to. Heifer is her term of endearment for sister and me, just in case you didn’t know.

As you know, SO much has happened this past month! Two weeks ago I had open heart surgery to make me all better. I’m so glad too because now I can eat without getting tired and I’m not starving all the time anymore!

Can you tell how much weight I’ve gained?! I’m 11 pounds and 23 1/2 inches tall!

I am wearing my 0-3 month clothes and they fit so much better.

I can eat 3 ounces now! My doctors say that’s still low for my age, but I’m working on it!

Daddy wanted me to wear camo for the start of deer hunting season today! And Rory decided to show me how to smile for pictures so she got in on the photo shoot!

I am such a happy, easy baby! I smile all the time and make everyone around me smile too!

And unlike my silly sister, I’m sleeping so great at night. I only wake up once, and sometimes I sleep all night! I’m just so glad they don’t have to wake me up to feed me anymore!

I absolutely love bath time! I even like sponge baths, if you can believe it! After my surgery I couldn’t have real baths until my bandages came off. Mommy got my reaction to my first bath on her phone. I thought it was wonderful!

I can’t wait to see what this next month brings now that I’m all better!

Oh! And thank you for praying for me during my surgery! It really helped Mommy and Daddy feel better about it!

(PS- Happy Birthday GiGi!)

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6 thoughts on “Three Months Old!

  1. Tiffany, you do such a good job writing about the life of your girls. You will be so glad you did this. You spoke the truth when you said Ryder makes everyone smile, she is such a happy baby! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. She looks great and so happy taking that bath. Good job momma! I couldn’t stop watching the video because her scar looks so beautiful -amazing job by the doctors. Glad to hear she is eating well!

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