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this is my life.

When I say that we have been going non-stop for seriously months, I mean it. Every week we are either heading to Nashville or Jackson for doctors’ appointments, or going to Clifton or Jackson to see our parents, or going to Memphis to get a car, or to New Albany to see family…. must I go on? It has literally been NON. STOP.

We have had a blast though. It has been so nice to see family so much and for Rory and Ryder to really get to know our parents and siblings.

On Wednesday we went to my grandparents’ house, which is now the “family farm” and where my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Frank live. They have a bunch of miniature horses, a donkey, and a full-size horse as well. Of course, the kids were in heaven. Both of my girls are MAJOR animal lovers. They don’t care what kind of animal it is, they completely freak out at the sight of any animal. So, of course, they loved the horses, cats and dogs at the farm. Rory keeps asking if she can go see “my Unkie Frank and A Brenda and Bear and Peanut Butter Sandwich” (their dog is Bear and they have a horse named Peanut Butter but she adds the sandwich, ha!).

On Wednesday night we spent time playing outside (while Andy cleaned out my car) and the girls loved it. Our neighborhood is really nice because there are a ton of kids and they are outside all of the time. It reminds me of my neighborhood growing up.

Thursday morning I dropped the kids off at school and headed to Memphis to get a new car. Since getting my car back it had still been acting up and making crazy noises sometimes and we just didn’t want to put anymore money into it. So I went by myself and spent the entire day at the lot. I had planned to call a friend who lives in Memphis now or Andy’s cousins to see if they wanted to do lunch but ended up having to come straight home afterward to pick the kids up from school. I got a GMC Acadia and I’m so in love with it. It is just like a mini-van on the inside but not one on the outside. I realize I’m a total snob about the MV thing, but if I’m having to spend money on something I wanted to like it. I think they are wonderful and practical and I wish I could get over my phobia. Ha!

Today we have just been having a fun day at home. After breakfast and some laundry catch-up, I decided to take the girls for some fun outside at the park. They had the absolute best time, which I was kinda shocked about since Ryder isn’t walking yet. I thought she would be fussy because of the rocks, but turns out they were her favorite part. She wanted to eat them, throw them, eat them, put them in her shirt/pants/etc, and eat them some more. Sigh. I finally got Rory to stop (for the most part) eating things and now Ryder has begun.

The park has so many things to climb on, so Rory was in heaven too. Rory is so sweet because she is always trying to get Ryder to play with her.

Their favorite part was the sandbox though. They aren’t your typical kids who are bothered by sand. They were burying each other, eating it (Ryder), digging, throwing (which I didn’t allow), and having the best time.

I kept hearing some noises from the woods behind the park so I was looking towards it and when I turned back around (like 30 seconds tops) I saw this going down.

Yes, people, that is my child taking a bathroom break in the sandbox.

Apparently she is like a cat and wants to go in a box?

And no, this wasn’t a #1 situation. It was a #2 situation.

I just happened to have my camera on taking pictures of them playing and so as I’m running and shouting “noooooooooo” (in what seemed like slow motion) I snapped the picture.

But alas, I wasn’t quick enough.

A big ol’ turd dropped right down in the sandbox.

Of course, I didn’t bring the diaper bag out of the car and it was a little walk to the car so I’m panicking wondering what the heck I’m going to do with the turd since I have no wipes or diapers.

At this point, Ryder has realized what is going on and starts, very fastly, toward the poop. So then I’m really panicking.

I didn’t know whether to bury it in the sand and grab the girls and run and never come back, or to find something to pick it up with (preferably not my bare hand)…?????

But I found some leaves and managed to get it out in the knick of time.

Moms. Quick to solve problems in a time crunch.

But not quick enough to keep their children from pooping at the park apparently.

I’m so glad we were the only ones there. I’m wondering how I’m going to make friends with kids like mine???

Yes, this is my life.

Don’t pretend you aren’t sitting there reading this being completely jealous.

You know you want to be cleaning turds out of sandboxes too.

Happy Friday!

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  1. These days ‘LOL’ is seriously overused, but this post truly merits an LOL all if its own, because it really did make me laugh out loud, and then it made my husband (who wanted to know why I was laughing) LOL too. I found your blog before Ryder had her surgery (my son, who’s 8, has had three heart surgeries) and it always cheers me up! Your girls are priceless! My little girl is almost one, and I think being a stinker might well be a ‘girl’ thing, because she’s already way more of a stinker than my son has ever been – Heaven help us when she starts walking! Really hope you settle into your new neighbourhood soon, and find some new friends (although it might be worthwhile getting hold of a pooper scooper and some poop bags before you plan a playdate at the park…!)

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