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things I’m into lately?


I have felt so bad about letting things go here on the blog. I mean, it is seriously neglected.

Right now life is so crazy busy and full that I’m having a hard time posting and also, I feel like most of it will bore you to tears. But, if you are willing to be a victim to that, then here we go….

Today I will catch you up on life with just telling you things I am into/digging/interested in/laughing at lately. In a list form. Because I am feeling terribly unclever and therefore I will use a cliche list.

  1. Music. In particular, Adele. I adore her. If I were to choose anyone to sound like in the entire world it would be Adele. “Hello” is a breath of fresh air in the “secular music world” as my Christian self should say. What I’m trying to say here is that it is devil music but I love it. KIDDDDDDINGGGGGGGGGGG. I will say though, we have switched over to only Christian radio and that has helped me so much with my natural potty mouth and lifts my mood like no other. But I can’t resist Adele. I JUST CAN’T. She is also so stinking gorgeous and I want her skin and her nose and HER VOICE. The only negative I have to say about the song is that the video is a leeeeeettle too long on the front. Only because I’m so ready to hear her sing I don’t care about the dramatics. So fast forward to the 1:12 mark and SING YOUR HEARTS OUT SISTERS. *brb gotta belt it out for a minute….. “helloooooooooooooooooooo from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide”*

2. Jane.com – OH YES. I realize I am 23094 years late to trend because I resisted the temptation. BUT THEN. I found these shirts and gave in to the urge and OH MY LAWD I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE MYSELF ON THIS WEBSITE.IMG_8201

3. Memes. I am ALWAYS into memes. Here are my favorite as of late. The first two can relate back to point #1.


IMG_8822 IMG_7915 IMG_8716 IMG_8714 IMG_8211 IMG_8755 IMG_8756 IMG_8790 IMG_8827 IMG_8869 IMG_8872

4. Rory. Man, this girl has hit an age where she is helpful without being asked 99% of the time and she is independent and coming into her own. It is just the best. Last week I took her to her 5 year well child visit (almost a year late) and she is growing like a weed. I mean, she is petite for her age, but has grown so much still. The doctor asked her what she ate normally and she said, “Vegetables because I’m a vegemetarian. I don’t eat meat. Unless it is deer- I love me some deer meat.” The doctor laughed and I said, “oh yes, we are just hillbillies eatin’ deer meat.” He asked her how school was going and she said, “well it is fine but I would like to do more math and social studies.” Bless her heart. Also, enter that under things her mama would never say. She still makes me crazy a lot of days because she is so strong willed and so….. mischievous, but she’s such a joy at this age. If only I could get her to stop putting things in her mouth (like pencils and such…) and to stop cutting her hair and pants and the Lord only knows what else.

Brussel Sprout Pizza… because why not?

IMG_8864 IMG_8735

5. Obviously this one is going to be Ryder. Listen. This child is keeping me on my toes these days. She’s SNEAKY, y’all. And hilarious and cute and ohmygoodnessIcouldjustsqueezeherallofthetime. It is so very hard to get her in trouble because she knows just how to put on the cuteness to a level you cannot handle. She is SUPER into comfy clothes right now and will do just about anything to make sure she gets to wear some sort of sweat shirt and leggings every day. Then I put some fleece pants that were Rory’s in her drawer and when she wore them the first time she literally said, “These pants are so soft I’m never taking them off. They are BLOWING MY MIND.” Also remember that I said she was sneaky and then look at the bottom picture. I told her to put her “cell phone” up before school……… She decided to hide it in her pants. IMG_7801IMG_8793

6. Podcasts. Y’ALLLLLLLLLLL. How have I never been into podcasts before now? Last weekend I made a trip to South Carolina for my friend’s baby shower. I ended up listening to podcasts all the way there and all the way back. I absolutely adore Big Mama and Boo Mama’s podcasts because they are my soul sisters in life. I’ve always loved their blogs and you better believe the podcast is just as hilarious. Then. THENNNNNN. I listened to Serial all the way home from SC and I AM SO ADDICTED AND I NEED TO KNOW WHO DID IT OR WHO DIDN’T AND OH MY WORDDDDDD I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE.

7. Baby showers. Well, I have only been to one but I had a blast and had to figure out a way to add that into this post. I’m so glad I got to make the way too quick trip to see Erin and her family and celebrate her and baby Silas. I cannot wait to meet him soon. We have been friends since HS and it is crazy to think that was 12 years ago and she is having her 3rd baby.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



9. Man buns. I don’t know what it is about this that makes me say, ‘YES’, but I’m really really into man buns. I have been asking, nay, BEGGING Andy to get a man bun. Let me tell you how he feels about it. He feels strongly that he’ll never have one. I have even bribed him to see if he would grow his hair out. Nope. Nothing is working. But can’t you imagine Andrew in a man bun? I think I’m going to start a “Andrew Needs a Man Bun” GoFundMe or Kickstarter….. what do you think?! IMG_8190 IMG_8189

I’m totally getting Andy this as a stocking stuffer this year……


Well, I think that is it for now. I am currently knee deep in packing for our trip.

Oh. Let me tell you one more thing.

Last night a commercial for Disney World came on. The girls sat in wonder and when it was over they started BEGGING us to take them there. We told them we were going on a cruise and couldn’t take them right now because of that and both of them SOBBED saying they just couldn’t wait to go. I mean, it was like a total meltdown! They have never done anything like that before over a commercial especially.

Andy and I were reallllyyyyyyy mean and just kept playing into the “maybe one day but not until you are older like 8 or 9” thing and just drove the point home that we wouldn’t be going to Disney soon.

BUT OH MY WORD you should have seen the looks we were shooting each other over SHEER DELIGHT that we are surprising them on Saturday with a day at Magic Kingdom.

I literally could cry right now just thinking about it. I promise to film the surprise for all to see. I cannot freaking wait, y’all.

And I’m pretty sure there is nothing better than going to Disney from opening to close and then getting on a boat the next day to cruise the Caribbean. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly and we are just beside ourselves with excitement.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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