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Things I Learned Thursday

Over the course of our nine day trip and coming home, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before.

I will share these things with you on my new theme “Things I Learned Thursday”. I am so clever!

Things NOT to do:

1. Do not go to Target every single day on vacation.

2. Buying something at Target on every trip there is not a good idea.

3. Trying to pack, load the car, and take care of a baby all in one day will not benefit you.

4. Loading all the 492389409 bags that a baby requires on a gold luggage cart by yourself (while carrying baby) and trying to roll it to your room alone is just stupid. Ask for help!

5. Do not leave baby food in 110 degree heat. You will have to buy more and therefore waste money.

6. Trying out new foods (remember the chicken episode I told you about?) while in a hotel room is just mean. I’m 99.99999% positive my wonderful maids for the week were royally ticked off at me. Throw up AND dirty diapers galore. I am truly sorry.

p.s. I did clean up as much as I possibly could. So don’t go hatin’ on me right now.

7. If I were you, I wouldn’t feed my baby a bunch of fruit when you are having to drive 7+ hours. Stopping to change four diapers in 1 hour is just tedious.

8. Do not get addicted to shows that you can’t watch at home because you don’t get that channel.

9. Remember that there is a time change in TN.

10. Don’t stay in Texarkana ever again. Every single road was to’ up from the flo’ up. (translation: tore up from the floor up)

11. It is hazardous to leave a baby unattended. ever.

12. Do not let your child watch a DVD every time the car is on over the course of a trip. No matter how young, they will come to expect it to come on every single time they are in the car.

13. Forgetting that baby’s ears pop just like yours while driving up a mountain is not wise.

14. Expecting your baby to be happy and not cry like she does at home is silly. When a baby is that off schedule, she’s not going to be happy at all.

15. Do not cry the last hour before getting home because reality is setting in and you are going to miss having your husband around. Or do. It is sad.

16. Check your pantry before leaving for a trip. Failing to throw out the avacados you didn’t use will result in coming home to gnats. Everywhere. Gross.


Now. Here are some things you SHOULD do.

1. Spend as much time with family as possible.

2. Also make a trip like this into a vacation.

3. Enjoy limitless time with your working husband because it is rare to have him around at all times.

4. Let your working husband spoil your baby rotten on trips.

5. Spend the 14+ hour drive to destination talking with your spouse about your dreams, plans, etc for the future. Play the “if we were to win the lottery” game and talk for hours about your exact plans if you win 200 million dollars.

6. Make a point in your trip to see a bestest friend who just so happens to take gorgeous pictures. Then make her take pictures of your precious daughter so that everyone on earth can giggle when they see them.

Have a great Thursday!

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