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things I learned this week

1) You actually CAN remove an entire bottle of black fingernail polish from carpet. 

10846473_10101442754530416_2536877993080646163_nBless. I have no idea what came over the little heifer but apparently when I blogged the other day about a simple Christmas, she lost her dang mind.

She got a chair out of my room and pushed it into the bathroom and climbed to the top of the hutch where my fingernail polish lives and proceeded to paint her entire self, the carpet, etc with the black polish.

Not gonna lie here- mama was ANG-A-RY. Whew. It took me a while to calm down off that one. I took this picture to send to daddy which devastated her because she didn’t want him to know. Her punishment was that she had to wear the fingernail polish all over herself which was basically the equivalent to electric shock therapy. She hates to be dirty. The second part of the punishment was she had to empty her piggy bank to pay for cleaning supplies. Also devastating.

In case anyone needs to know- a good mix of alcohol and acetone-free nail polish remover and cold water will get the polish out of carpet.

2) Taking the girls to the mall is part stressful, part wonderful.

I decided to take the girls to the mall because we have a few gifts left to get. There were some stressful times with Ryder who has serious issues of needing to touch EVERYTHING in the stores, but it was actually quite a wonderful few hours just walking around with them.

Rory’s obsession with fashion is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. She was in complete awe over every single window display. I totally teared up big time watching her think about each outfit. She would say to me, “Mom, I’m going to need some tall socks like that to wear with my boots and skirts”, or “Mom, I wonder if they have fancy dresses like that that FLARE OUT in my size.” YES. FLARE OUT. Where does she even know this stuff from?! She had the biggest smile on her face. I told Andy I was going to take her all alone with me to the mall soon and let her be able to really look at clothes and take her time enjoying the beauty of them.

FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 4


I also learned that Rory is a pretty good photographer. Look at this picture she took of me and Ryder. It cracks me up so hard.



3) Leaving the toddler potty in my car was the best decision of life.

We had so many errands to run yesterday and the girls both needed to pee. Well, HOW EASY IS JUST GOING IN THE MINIVAN?! They thought this was hilarious. And no public restroom germs!


4) My children are a bit strange at times. 

First example would be last night when I was taking a bath and Rory would not leave me alone. “But I just want to watch you, mom.” UM, NO HONEY THAT IS STRANGE. (PS don’t you love how even her pjs are accessorized?!)


Second example would be Ryder and whatever the heck she does at night. Rory laid all her clothes out for this morning and apparently Ryder was up for who knows how long and put Rory’s entire outfit on herself over her nightgown. Like WHY?! ha

IMG_60085) I have the best mom friends in the world. 

I have had a hard mom week. Ryder is just testing every single fiber of my being. In fact, while I was trying to write this she got out a tube of my $36 mascara and put it all over her face.

And then when I showered she dumped an entire thing of black eyeshadow on the carpet in her room.


So I posted this picture on Instagram and I got an outpouring of love from the sweetest friends in the world. I’m so thankful for mom friends who rally around other moms who are struggling. Some days are just hard. Really hard. This week has been just a week where I have felt so beat down.

But I have friends that build me up and I just couldn’t be more thankful.

IMG_5904 IMG_6029 IMG_6030

(cried a lot of tears after reading that ^ one)



HAPPY WEEKEND! WE MADE IT MAMAS! I am going to be getting a pedicure with a friend tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT BREAK!

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