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the winner.

Obviously this is late because, hello, its how I do everything…

but we have a winner of the 585 Boutique giveaway! I used and it generated comment #4.

Kayla C!

Kayla, you will get an email from Sarah soon!

Today we had a birthday party for Ryder and had so much fun. I will do the post on that Monday. Its been an awesome day and we are pooped!

Tonight was date night at our church and we ALWAYS take advantage of it. I’m going to miss our church so much!

This past Monday we did one last photo shoot with our amazing photographer/friend here in town, Jennifer. She never ceases to amaze me. I just had to try and fit in a family picture before we left Paris. We decided to do it at the infamous Eiffel Tower here with the giant cowboy hat.

When she posted the picture I completely lost it. I feel the weight of the move with this picture and the weight of so much we are losing very soon. To some people, we will be forever frozen just like that- two small little girls and us in our late 20s. For some reason it just totally gripped me and I sobbed for a good hour.

Yes, I absolutely realize we are gaining so much with this move closer to our family, but we are also leaving family behind. And right now while we are still here waiting for move day, I’m just plain sad. It will get easier and better especially once we are there, but right now is hard. So I’m spending as much time with friends and now with Andy since he’s “unemployed” for a few weeks and enjoying every second we have left here.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

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