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the weekend rundown

We had a rather successful and eventful weekend- let me run it down for you.

1}  YARD SALE! We made more than we thought we would, which was just fantastic. BUT! More importantly- we got rid of every single item. EVERYTHING. At about 1:00 we decided that we would let people fill up a bad with as much as they wanted for $1. That worked pretty good. Then at about 2:00(ish) we decided we’d just put out a sign that said “FREE!” and let anyone who wanted what we had left to just take what they wanted. That, my friends, is how to end a yard sale. We knew we’d be taking it all to Goodwill so we didn’t care if people took our clothes, knicknacks, etc.

And of course… let’s just say our last fairwell to the chair.

We (Andy) put $35 on it at first and not one person even glanced at it. So I took the price off and got some interested persons. Well, not one person would buy it. So in the afternoon I had three people want it but would NOT take it for $10 because no one but Andy can seem to figure out how to recline it. FOUR people turned their noses up at $10. Poor, neglected chair. I sold it, though. It is gone forever. Sorry, Steve. 🙂

The heat wore Rory out REAL quick. It was over 100 degrees out. Long day!

2} Rory drank from a sippy cup for the first time! And she loved it! I gave her pear juice (well like 1/4th juice, 3/4ths water mix) and she went crazy for it. She yelled at me when I took it away. ha!

3} On Saturday night, Andy and I were laying in bed trying to go to sleep and we heard a noise from the baby monitor. We both shot up in the bed and looked at eachother and said, “did you hear that?!”. Oh yes, we both heard it. My word, cross my heart hope to die, we both heard a small child- a girl in fact- whispering in the monitor. Creep me out!!!!!!! You have no idea. Andy never ever gets creeped out. EVER. I always, ALWAYS, get creeped out. But this time Andy was totally creeped. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well at all. I’m 99.9% positive that we picked up someone else’s monitor. I know that this happens. But whyyyyy oh why oh why would a small little girl be whispering at 11:45 pm????!!!!!

Dear small child in my monitor, if you are in fact a ghost- please, I beg of you, GO AWAY! Leave my house! I don’t want you here! You are creeping me and my non-scaredy husband out!!!!!

4} We joined the church! On Sunday, Andy and I decided to go ahead and join the church we’ve been visiting for some time now. We knew we weren’t going to visit anywhere else because we adore our Sunday School class and all the people we have met there. So the church hunt is officially over! Thank you Lord for sending us these new friends and wonderful people!

5} So many exciting things are coming up very, very soon and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you guys! Secrets are hard! (No, I’m not pregnant, so just get that out of your heads now. Thank you.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

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5 thoughts on “the weekend rundown

  1. I heard a musicial mobile going on and a baby giggling on our monitor when Ashley was a babt. I went upstairs to check on her and she was sound asleep and of course couldn’t set off mobile. It is creepy when that happens.Later we figured out it was neighbors.

  2. Ooh, that is so creepy!!! I can’t believe that Rory is drinking out of a sippy cup – such a big girl! I always mix Will’s juice with water and lately he has become obsessed. Today he was chanting “juice, juice, juice” and when I handed him plain water he threw his cup across the kitchen. Eh, what am I going to do with that kid?!?!

  3. Aw I just noticed she’s wearing the bib I got her! Yay! And I can’t believe she’s big enough to drink out of a sippy cup!

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